It’s your birthday? Wait, let me unfriend you.

It’s no secret I have a few bones to pick with social media, and technology in general despite being born and brought up by computer science.My qualms about social media, technology, and all the various gadgets that are the evil spawn of computer science were well reinforced by my friend’s blog post on appreciation today. Look at what she has to say, it’s really cool! And don’t forget to Like Pitbull WorldWide on Facebook.

When did a chip become something other than that you dip and enjoy? When did a cookie become something non- ahoy ? And when did a tablet become something that you glare at and develop a characteristic squint, rather than something white and bitter that comes in a blue wrapping that you wash down with water to control a fever ?

It’s not all too bad though. Although I know that if it came to it, I CAN find my way from point A to point B, a part of me is thankful for that sexy lady voice that says “In one hundred feet, your destination will be on the right”. And just yesterday Retail Me Not saved me 20% at Kohls. So .. okay. It’s how the cookie crumbles, right ? Not what it stores in your browser ?

Speaking of privacy, do you ever have this feeling that you have WAY too many Facebook friends ? I do. And what’s more unfortunate is most of them are  acquaintances. Who need not know what is happening with me. Yeah I know that FB has had an “Acquaintances” list built in for a while now complete with the one privacy option that allows you to Show This to Friends Except Acquaintances. Genius. But you have to designate Random Person X as Acquaintance, and you need to have the presence of mind to do this when you accept their friend request (because face it, you are never going to go back and do it later). And THEN, FB will go ahead and tweak their settings in a small, inconspicuous manner so as to reveal ALL your deepest darkest secrets on your Timeline to said acquaintance. So, why are you airing your dirty laundry on your Timeline, you ask. I don’t. But there are enough stupid people out there who do.

Anyway, I keep straying from my point which is this – I realize that I have someone totally unnecessary on my list only when I see their birthday alert. And my brain says to me – Damn girl, why has this person got ANY insight into your life at all ? And my urge is to unfriend them. But come on, it’s their birthday! There is a good chance that they’ve already blocked all my updates anyway because MOST of them are about dogs that need rescuing, or that are up for adoption, or my own dog because he is bloody gorgeous. But what if they haven’t ? Then one day after they turned ‘old’ they won’t be seeing all these awesome updates of my oh so exciting life and realize that I unfriended them. AND they’re ‘old’. Mess, yes ?

So i’ll make a mental note to do it another day. And then like all the other notes that are mental and not on my smart phone, or my calendar this one too finds it’s way into a black hole of forgetfulness and general stupidity that comes from owning a smart phone.What makes this whole birthday thing worse is that I can’t really post a Facebook Status Update about it, even on a day when I do not see an alert, because it’s SOMEONE’s birthday that day. When you combine the probability of having atleast one birthday from among 494 people on a given day , with Murphy’s Laws, you will have pissed atleast ONE person off.

So, the list grows from 494 upwards and the trauma is endless. The social pressure builds. Do I want to break the cycle ?Would you ?

Would you unfriend someone ON THEIR BIRTHDAY ?

ADOPTABLE MIDNIGHT, horrified at the thought of unfriending someone on their birthday!

ADOPTABLE MIDNIGHT, horrified at the thought of unfriending someone on their birthday! Contact for more information.

You make me wanna throw up, lol jk.

Today’s Daily Prompt asks this:

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

I say, “Lol”. And no, not jk. This new addition to our daily oxford makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I hate it. I thought this hatered used to be inexplicable, but it’s not! And here is why – A lot of lol users use it to get away with writing something mean. Here is an example – Someone posts a picture and say they’re donning a little holiday weight. Lol user comes along and posts their comment – “Stopped hitting  the gym I see Lol”.. Hmm… lol is not a buzzword to make a passive aggressive remark, all happy again.

Of course this is not always the case. There are the more benign uses of lol. Many of my friends use it, and I love them anyway, because their lols are harmless. They are probably actually Laughing Out Loud at something that should be laughed out loud at! Plus the holiday weight situation will be dealt with in a straight up manner. Like it should be. Maybe with a glass of wine, lol! (Sometimes, I disgust myself)

And do not get me started on the extended cousins of lol – Lmao, rotflol, lol jk (absolute worst I can hear the milk curdling use of lol).

Just a smiley face will do. Press the shift and the ‘;’ (semicolon) key simultaneously. Then press the Shift and the 0 (zero) key simultaneously and voila! No more lol needed.


When does all that sharing, yield no caring ?

This is a slightly grim one. I’m pretty sure I might upset a reader or two, but when you feel the mercury rising, please try and remember, we are on the same side – the one that wants every animal to be in a safe, happy, healthy home and all shelters to be completely, absolutely, one hundred percent empty.

So what am I getting at ? Simply this: How much sharing (on Facebook specifically) is too much sharing when it comes to trying to get people to notice and adopt shelter animals? I know, the right answer should be “You can never share too much. You never know who catches whose eye and whose life changes “. I said this too and I do believe it’s true. However, is there a saturation point your friends reach ? Do you believe that some may have actually blocked your updates simply because they are all the same ? I do. I’ve been teased before by good friends that all my updates are really all just Pupdates. And I know that they haven’t blocked them, because they’re my real friends, and not just my Facebook Friends. And I also believe, that there are others that have blocked my pupdates.

So does “Sharing is Caring” really, actually work? How much is too much before you’re labeled or stereotyped and consequently filtered? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about being classified,  filtered, screened, blocked whatever. My point of this rant is this – are people really listening when I share a puppy that’s on death row ? Or is it just another one of ‘Shalini’s dog mania posts..’  ? Am i really reaching out to potential adopters/rescue-ers ?

You know how you have that one really old grand uncle like Uncle Leo from Seinfeld who always seems to tell the same stories? You know how you don’t meet his eye at a family gathering? Or how you’ve planned an escape route for when you do? It’s kind of the same thing. If we as rescue advocates constantly are sharing updates of only this genre and striking conversations only about the same things, and with the same people,  how many people are really listening ? It pains me to think that there is a glass ceiling. It won’t stop me from continuing to share, or continuing to write, or trying to educate, but is there perhaps some way to keep the audience gripped ? To keep their eyes from glazing over as they scroll your timeline or speak to you in person ? Is  there a way to break what they think is a monotony, and what to us is saving the life of a shelter dog ?

I read every dog’s story that a friend shares, or one on a page that I’ve Liked. I really do. And then I want to share it. I eventually end up sharing it because of  the ‘you never know’ factor. Plus, who am I in this gi-normous, complexi-cated universe to decide that my action of sharing won’t yield any useful connections ? Just a tiny spec in the labyrinth of possibility for that animal. But I do think twice. About the monotony of my shares. About the effect, or the lack thereof, it has.

I will keep sharing, in the hope that it is working in some small way or the other. But I wanted to put this out there. I want to see if anyone else feels this way, and I would love to hear from you.

I saw these beautiful animals on the Friends of Wakulla County Facebook page today. And guess what ? I’m gonna share them with you! The pictures are by the wonderful Betsy of Betsy Sasnett Photography. Please contact them if a fur baby grips your heart, or if you can foster. You will be saving not one life, but two. So please, share away!


My name is Casper. I have the most soulful eyes ever, right?


Say what? You’re coming to get me? Ask for Cara!


My name is Justin. You can just see how loving I am. So what are you waiting for?


I’m Wiona and I smile !


I’m Ashley and I’m really little. I’m Wiona’s daughter. We shouldn’t be in a shelter, should we? So email to come get us!