{Photo Non Sunday} The case of the missing Grumpus Maximus


We have missed two Photo Sundays and we are sorry! We will also be missing this next one. June and July are turning out to be pure insanity but we do have lots of pupdates! We will have them to you soon! In the meanwhile, have a great long weekend, stay safe and keep all paws indoors during the fireworks!

Seeing double

How many black labs can you spot?


Little adoptable Sasha came to spend the day with us today. Yes I am getting a reputation for running a bed and breakfast for black homeless dogs.

Sasha will be going to Lab Rescue of Florida most likely but I know that if her Foster mom can see her find a great home closeby, she’d be elated! So I decided to share some pictures.


She is funny! Her Foster mom termed this as ‘half assing’ 🙂 I could tell she wanted to be on the couch but also chase Kahlua.


Sasha butt! It is funny how this girl selected the same spots that Midnight used to select in this house, including walking all over me and specially stepping on my very full bladder with a vehemently wagging tail and half a toy in my face.


We have a couch for every dog that visits or stays here. Not necessarily for every human.

Well, the dogs played and tired each other out. At some point every human and canine existence that belongs or was visiting here,  was  fast asleep occupying whatever comfortable surface was available.

It was a true Sunday!

Email cauzicanfl@gmail.com if you think you can be that awesome home that little Sasha needs.

Sneaky Saturday-Tail of two black dogs.

These two have a funny friendship! He lets her have ANYthing she wants. Then sits by her like this and looks at me, asking me to be the bad guy and get it back for him. Yet, he sits by her crate when she is in it (and she is in her a lot due to treatment). And she yelps when I take him out and don’t take her( and I have to because she needs complete crate rest). She doesn’t do this when only I leave. It’s only when I take him away with me.


Adoptable midnight going to town with a bone while foster brother begs mom to fight his battles because he won’t take away from his foster sis 🙂

Midnight does great with other dogs.
Comment on here if you would like to adopt her. Please share away! 

Have a super Saturday!