It’s your birthday? Wait, let me unfriend you.

It’s no secret I have a few bones to pick with social media, and technology in general despite being born and brought up by computer science.My qualms about social media, technology, and all the various gadgets that are the evil spawn of computer science were well reinforced by my friend’s blog post on appreciation today. Look at what she has to say, it’s really cool! And don’t forget to Like Pitbull WorldWide on Facebook.

When did a chip become something other than that you dip and enjoy? When did a cookie become something non- ahoy ? And when did a tablet become something that you glare at and develop a characteristic squint, rather than something white and bitter that comes in a blue wrapping that you wash down with water to control a fever ?

It’s not all too bad though. Although I know that if it came to it, I CAN find my way from point A to point B, a part of me is thankful for that sexy lady voice that says “In one hundred feet, your destination will be on the right”. And just yesterday Retail Me Not saved me 20% at Kohls. So .. okay. It’s how the cookie crumbles, right ? Not what it stores in your browser ?

Speaking of privacy, do you ever have this feeling that you have WAY too many Facebook friends ? I do. And what’s more unfortunate is most of them are  acquaintances. Who need not know what is happening with me. Yeah I know that FB has had an “Acquaintances” list built in for a while now complete with the one privacy option that allows you to Show This to Friends Except Acquaintances. Genius. But you have to designate Random Person X as Acquaintance, and you need to have the presence of mind to do this when you accept their friend request (because face it, you are never going to go back and do it later). And THEN, FB will go ahead and tweak their settings in a small, inconspicuous manner so as to reveal ALL your deepest darkest secrets on your Timeline to said acquaintance. So, why are you airing your dirty laundry on your Timeline, you ask. I don’t. But there are enough stupid people out there who do.

Anyway, I keep straying from my point which is this – I realize that I have someone totally unnecessary on my list only when I see their birthday alert. And my brain says to me – Damn girl, why has this person got ANY insight into your life at all ? And my urge is to unfriend them. But come on, it’s their birthday! There is a good chance that they’ve already blocked all my updates anyway because MOST of them are about dogs that need rescuing, or that are up for adoption, or my own dog because he is bloody gorgeous. But what if they haven’t ? Then one day after they turned ‘old’ they won’t be seeing all these awesome updates of my oh so exciting life and realize that I unfriended them. AND they’re ‘old’. Mess, yes ?

So i’ll make a mental note to do it another day. And then like all the other notes that are mental and not on my smart phone, or my calendar this one too finds it’s way into a black hole of forgetfulness and general stupidity that comes from owning a smart phone.What makes this whole birthday thing worse is that I can’t really post a Facebook Status Update about it, even on a day when I do not see an alert, because it’s SOMEONE’s birthday that day. When you combine the probability of having atleast one birthday from among 494 people on a given day , with Murphy’s Laws, you will have pissed atleast ONE person off.

So, the list grows from 494 upwards and the trauma is endless. The social pressure builds. Do I want to break the cycle ?Would you ?

Would you unfriend someone ON THEIR BIRTHDAY ?

ADOPTABLE MIDNIGHT, horrified at the thought of unfriending someone on their birthday!

ADOPTABLE MIDNIGHT, horrified at the thought of unfriending someone on their birthday! Contact for more information.

A 35 year old New Yorker

Last year, I asked the boy  to stop growing. Ofcourse, who ever listens when Mother says anything? So this year our boy turned 35. A lot has changed since that last birthday. Actually all three of our lives have completely changed. All of last year for us (humans) was spent in driving this change, and I have had no energy, or inspiration to keep writing, except when I want to say bad things about New York.

But change is not always bad, and the three of us are happy together. Yesterday was one such happy day, where we celebrated our boy’s 35th! We had good human friends, great puppy friends, food, wine, human and dog birthday cake. What more does one need in life?

The best part was, none of these pups had ever met each other before, but they got along swimmingly well! All the parents were a little anxious, but the anxiety melted away in no time.

All picture courtesies go to Wendy, proud mom of a beautiful chocolate lab named Grant, and my husband, K, proud new father of our old puppy!


Humans should have cake too! Happy Birthday Dom! 

Kahlua was asked to stay until we sang “Happy Birthday”. He lasted until “ you” of the first line. Hey, all is fair when there is cake involved! Dom waited till the song was over. She’s nice like that.


All the pups amidst play, some resting, others scheming!



Where there is a ball, there is a Lab (..or two!)


Grant let Kahlua have this one for his birthday 🙂 


Beautiful Stella!


“Mother, can I has that wine while I ignore  you hugging another pup please?”


The pups had a great time! There is so much I am learning from co-parenting as opposed to being a single pet-mother. Maybe that is a post for another time! Kahlua loves being in a full happy family, and it shows because he sleeps a full 18 hours a day, unlike the earlier 15 back “home” in Florida.

Unfortunately we are going to lose two of our posse to the vast lands, cheaper rents, cowboy hats, freely available arms, and other general southern niceness of Texas.

We will miss you Jake and Stella 😦


Everything is big in Texas, except our little Jake and Stella!

Another year, another puppy party! Hoping for many many more to come.