Human posts

These are some of the non canine posts, all collected in one place for easy viewing, and reduced frustrated sifting ūüôā

Most of them are responses to Daily Prompts that WordPress puts out to encourage writing, and reading others’ writing and creating a feeling of blogging community. Others are responses to the electric impulses in my brain. These are not all of them,¬†just a few..

I hope you enjoy them!

Speechless– I don’t want to give out what this is about!

Growing up in a Rickshaw – how childhood things make you, you.

Angel on my shoulder – dedicated to him who started out as my best friend and became my fiance – Karan.

This girl will probably burn your rotis Рproof that I am an astray Indian, who cannot make rotis.

From a pile of stuff – if that sentence rang a bell, you know what this is about.

My torrid affair with blogger’s block.


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