Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. This space grows and changes with time, and with me, so I won’t say that it is about any one thing. The abundance of dog pictures is probably a clue as to what the general theme is 🙂 – my canine counterpart – Kahlua, and our general silliness.

Apart from that I write about my experiences with dog rescue and non canine posts for WordPress challenges and Daily posts.

My alter ego is a computer programmer who thoroughly enjoys hacking away at all sorts of applications, and figuring out new programming techniques. I have two degrees that have served well as enablers of the geeky me. I work as a tech consultant in one of the Big 4 firms, and I absolutely love it. Translating ‘human’ to ‘code’ is what I love, but this space is mostly code free.

And I heard something again.

And I heard something again.

When this blog started out over a year ago, I was of the mind that I would help one rescue as much as I could, but without fostering. Yes. You read that correctly. I strictly believe (still do) that I have already rescued one dog, and he is my primary responsibility. I thought he was possessive about me and didn’t really want other dogs in our life.

But I was wrong.

We found Midnight. And he loved her (he will tell you otherwise). And I also realized that another dog can provide him experiences and interactions that I cannot.

Hidden Prey

Hidden Prey

Eight months later, Midnight was adopted and then it was just Kahlua and me again.

Weekend Wags:Mistakes of an Instant Mother

I had missed it just being us. While I still love Midnight, I decided to only do temporary fostering for a while. So now, all the strays that come to us, are here only for a few days. This gives Kahlua and me our “us” time, and also supports Cauzican’s foster program. Needless to say, we all involve ourselves in a decent amount of silliness! It’s what makes us, us.

So sit back and enjoy the roller coaster that is our life together and the mischief that we get upto!


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  1. Aww Shala….Is that you? This is Adity Kaushal from St. mary’s…You just started following my blog 🙂 Did you know it was me when you cam across my blog? Anyway thanks for stopping by..I am following your blog now 🙂 What a way to discover your blog…

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