I choose to distance myself from “just a difference of political opinion”

Since January 20th, I have come across multiple posts that have the notion that is in my title. My FB timeline has taken a radical new path, and I have deeply involved myself in this so called “just a political opinion.” And not only in the way of constantly sharing all the wrong that I see to the extent of losing “friends” or “follows” in doing so; but also in constantly, excruciatingly, questioning that when the President were ours, really, truly ours even though we do not have voting rights, did “they” feel as anguished as “we” do today? Is this really just a “difference of political opinion”?


You’d label this as a mere difference if to you people needlessly being shot in bars, based on an ignorant judgement of color, were okay.

You’d  label this as “just political” if you condoned walking the streets and lashing out at someone, for some inexplicable internal rage, blended with  ignorance.

It would be a mere difference of red versus blue, if you’d be okay being that customs and border protection agent that in the presence of this new “power” knew not how to handle it.

It would be fine to call it so, if you were alright with your friend not being allowed to use the bathroom that he or she were more comfortable using. Then, you’d be calling it as you saw it. Bare, honest, political difference.

Yes, go ahead and call it “just a political difference of opinion” if you were alright that your child were detained at an international airport because he was from a certain country.

But you are not this person. You can’t be okay with this? Or can you?

Let me tell you why this is not just another election. It is because this time, this choice, has made it ok for the common man to lash out at his neighbor, his brother, his passer by in the street. If you are of a religious bent of mind, aren’t these the very people your God taught you to love? Or did He say, love they neighbor but not if they didn’t come from the same country, or share your skin color, or identify with the same gender prototypes that you do?

I truly do not care who you voted for. But it troubles me that you can see all of these ongoings as just a simple difference of opinion, and choose to bury your head in the sand. I don’t care if you’ve unfollowed or unfriended people because their timelines suddenly turned from cupcakes to activism. I care that you can be this immune to the violence around you.

With our current surroundings we belong to one bubble, or another. So if you’re reading this and you remotely agree with me, send this to one person who is hiding from this terrorism around us. This terrorism that is not created by any external entity.



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