Quirky Apple

Going through my gallery, I realised I had a few silly clicks and a theme for my next post developed!

I’m sure most people walking around the City notice these little things. Small signs that people leave behind, and interesting things that they do.


Like request people not to defecate outside their homes.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a request, or will see one again.


This is a classic. Specially as the week wears on, commuters get tired, and I click pictures. Once I had my flash on. It was embarrasing. There was nowhere to run either.

Trains are food for great clicks!


And Shalini will Google RoomZoom.

Politics is fun where people are real and half the town is Donald Trump’s property.


My living, walking, beerpaws.com advertisements.

Ok, I just had to put my boys out there, because look how cute!


Vandalized parking signs

Street cleaning in Williamsburg is just a little different.


Window art

Fun for passers by.

Stay tuned for more clicks!


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