Clarity, through a lens.

So ever since I got here I’ve been bitching out on the city. It’s no secret. Every time someone asked me how I have liked it so far, I’ve been honest- I didn’t.  And my worst came out when asked “Don’t you just love it? Who would want to live anywhere else?”- ” No I don’t, many normal people, and you’re arrogant to not realize that.” And that used to be my biggest problem with the City – the arrogant underlying assumption that anyone who would want to live elsewhere is missing a few marbles.

But the negativity was getting the better of me. And those around me. And keeping me from being the best version of myself, for me, and those I share my life with.

My clarity came to me in the form of this negativity and its adverse effect on my surroundings. I decided to stop. I decided to try to be better about trying. You know that line from the world’s best movie? “You’re not trying, you’re whining.”


Which is also shot here!

Not to fall off the runway too much here, but I decided to try to like the City. Really like. This is my home now. It has a lot to offer. It is one of the most dynamic places to be. There are good, hardworking, creative people. Everyone is trying to build something, to make a life, and to express themselves. Everyone is crazy,  but who am I kidding if I say I am normal. What is normal anyway?


Guy climbing a tree at Washington Sq. Park

I decided to photograph the city. Document the good things. Bring clarity to my thoughts. Find my space among the 8 million crazies.

One of the most annoying things about the City is that noone gives a shit. And on of the best things about the City is that noone gives a shit. If there is one place in the world you can do what you want to, with no fear of judgement, simply because noone has the time to give a rat’s ass, it is here. And that.. is amazing!


Free standup comedy at the Village Lantern on Sunday nights.



The city has most definitely given me back the gift that I was born with, but grew out of – speaking my mind. Not in the ungainly, almost callous manner that I used to, though. But there is an element of liberation. Everything is not taken personally. A push on the Subway is just that, and nothing more. Not something to take back and document on FB after ruminating on it like a psycho, like I did earlier this year.


The City from the Staten Island Ferry. Free 24×7, and very calming. The silence shocked me. A wonderful evening with my bestie, Nandu.

I have no idea where my time goes, and this helps me be honest about how much I can chew, really, rather than bite off more than I can handle, and then choke on it. This next bit is bad, but I don’t respond to some things if my plate is already full, and I don’t feel bad about it. I go back later sometimes, and say I was caught up, but I don’t apologize for anything. And it is okay.


Pianist at Washington Sq. Park. 

Seriously, if someone can make the effort to drag a grand piano out to a park to play to make other people happy for their lose change, this place cannot be that bad! I love this guy. He stood up at the end of a piece and said “For those of you who don’t know that one, I played the shit out of it.” Who could not smile at that?


Grand Central Terminal

I have better pictures of my current favorite place in the world – Grand Central Station, but  don’t know what I did with them. The Oyster Bar is my favorite. This station is quite unlike anything else in the city. It is the only privately owned Subway station in the city, and a bunch of other trains going north also stop here. But the best part for me is how much it feels like stepping into another time. Crucial as it was during World War II, being the busiest hub connecting most of the Eastern US seaboard, Grand Central today is so much nicer than many airports in the country. It is from times when travel was a luxury, suitcases were large, and stays were longer.

My pictures will be unclear and phone captured, but stay tuned for more clicks as I look at the City with a positive lens!



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