Travel, Menagerie

This is the truth about travel: It is amazing! A new place, new people,


Tartini Square, Piran, Slovenia

new food, oh gosh the food,

A tale of two thugs.

A tale of two thugs.

it is all just.. amazing. And going to all of these places with the people you love, more amazing.

Piran, Slovenia June 2014.

Piran, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia. An island with a Church, and a Bar. Pick your faith. We decided to get engaged :)

Lake Bled, Slovenia. An island with a Church, and a Bar. Pick your faith. We decided to get engaged 🙂

I came across an article about dating someone who owns a dog. There were many truths in it, and among those was this “She truly misses him when they’re apart.”

And this one simple truth is why I really, truly dislike planning a vacation. I don’t actually dislike the vacation part. When I am in the vacation, I love the vacation as you can see, and everything that goes with it. But in the months leading up to planning and executing it, it is my worst enemy and I do not want to have anything to do with it.

I am whiny when we try and pick dates. Because all dates are bad. Because I have to be away from this.


How about a Staycation ma?

I am whiny when we book flights, hotels, cars and whatever else. While everyone else is truly, madly, and deeply, enjoying every minute of it! And I’m a little jealous because I want to be excited about it you know? I am also a little stupid because I know I am eventually going to enjoy the vacation, and so I can stop being silly and start being excited instead of fighting the vacation!

However, my one man “Menagerie.”, prevents this. I openly admit that it is me who suffers from extreme separation anxiety, not my pup. Kahlua does sense my impending departure, but he is pretty much drama free. I blame my propensity for drama, complete with tears and sometimes background music, on my being Indian and being raised to be Bollywoody at all times.

The Menagerie daily post asks:

“Do you have animals?” Hell yeah! But please don’t call him an animal.

“What do they mean to you?”  The world! He is my everything. My constant, my child.

If no, why have you opted not to?” This question is wrong. Please change it.

So now, for the love of dog, explain to me how to actually enjoy planning a vacation!


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