Almost 30!

I just realized that puppies conveniently skip turning 30! They go straight from being 28 to being 35.


Kahlua turned 4 today (28)! Usually I make a huge deal and assemble canines and humans and enforce some amount of celebration, but this year I couldn’t. However, we did have a very delicious(by dog standards) homemade cake!


It was simple to prepare, and almost healthy! Technically it was a pie – cake because it had a cookie crust. The cake itself was made from carrots, yogurt, honey and peanut butter and had a rather ugly yogurt peanut butter frosting. But here is the thing about fur children- no matter how ugly the cake, they’re appreciative! Ofcourse like all good mothers I let him lick the batter off the baking cups.


While I baked, Kahlua had some time for reflection.


The party hats came out when the cake was ready.


My well behaved, patient pup waited for all the photographic madness to be over.


Yeah, anytime you're ready, mom.

I didn’t make him wait too long ofcourse!


He went for the treat, then the frosting, and the cake was gone in a gulp.


Immediately, it was time to doze off.


And then reflect on the cake that was now gone.


It was a good cake. It was a good birthday.
Now, he needs to stop growing.


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