Happy early Halloween!

While FSU is scheduled to take on Louisville shortly, Kahlua and I were scheduled to go see a good friend for a drink. That didn’t  happen because of me having a sudden upset tummy and here we are sitting on the couch and phone blogging! This is good too. Just doing nothing. I think my gut, quite literally, is telling my brain to slow down.

I am going to use this great advice and share some of our Halloween pictures from last Friday. World’s best day care had their early 5th anniversary party last Friday . Their anniversary coincidentally falls on Halloween day and so Kahlua and I have an excuse to find more ways to be silly each year!

One year we went as Bacon and Egg. That picture turned out gosh awful so I ain’t sharing, but we won the contest and a free day of day care!

This year we were…


Red riding hood and the big bad wolf. Ofcourse as you see the twist was, Kahlua wasn’t quite allowed to assume the identity  of his wolf cousins this year.


He makes a cute little Red Riding Hood though, don’t  you think?

The hood stayed on for all of four minutes at the party. That is ok though! In our experience costumes are a small sacrifice for a wild time with our canine friends!

Have a happy Halloween and stay safe!


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