Trick for Treat

Our friends over at Marking Our Territory never fail to bring a smile to me everyday, but their post Hide and Treat stuck with me longer than usual.

I think Eko is so perfect at finding the treat! Look at the gif in the very end. Perfect! Will says most pups are naturals so I decided to see how much of a natural our very own Kahlua is.

Head over to youtube to see our very first attempt (Sorry to re-direct you, but we did not want to pay for Videopress for one video and we tried converting this to a gif, but it is much too large for any of the free converters – if you have suggestions for this please do comment!)

As you can see, Grumps has some work to do. I plan to do this with him everyday! Even if he doesn’t really ever get it, we have fun playing this game and bonding.

Will, if you’re reading this, may I ask how you taught Eko to put his paw on the cup once he’d found the treat;  as opposed to knocking it over and helping himself?

Happy weekend everyone!  If you want to try this and tell us how it went, we are excited to know!


2 thoughts on “Trick for Treat

  1. Glad you guys liked the game! For some reason your youtube link isn’t work for me. Any way to relink? For the version of the game where Eko is seated at the table, I found I could use the “shake” command to get him to paw the cup.

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