National Dog Day was truly horrifying!

To begin with, It was belated which inherently unfair. I am a bad mom who went to dinner with a human yesterday instead of doing something special with my fur love!

Even today’s ‘celebration’ wasn’t planned. Nor was it elaborate.  It did involve a car rode though so #Win.

Nuberri serves a Pup Cup and I tried to treat Kahlua to one. But he hates being outside, let alone relish any treats outside!


True horror looks and tastes like vanilla.

He assumed his usual spot under a chair. All 65 lbs of him.


We decided it was best to enjoy the pup cup at home.
Once we got home, he actually asked for his treat with an expectant glance and a wiggly butt 🙂

The pup cup was happily devoured in no time.


It is amazing how much my baby loves being home and dislikes being outdoors!


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