This is kind-a…

It is easy to wade through life being indifferent or mean. How many times have we seen someone be unkind to someone else to make themselves feel superior, or because they’re harboring an unhappiness of some sort, or some insecurity or general dissatisfaction. 

I wish we’d all remember before jumping to unkindness that everyone is struggling with something. 

This week’s challenge asks us to examine kindness in our lives by giving us four talking points. Two of those really hit home with me. 

A month ago I backed off rescue work because there were other things demanding my attention. I was also struggling with something that was making me unhappy. I decided it was time to deal with it. 

Before I left for Europe I went to just one rescue event to bring food for the foster parents. After I loaded Isabell’s car with the last bag and got ready to say my bye-byes, she gave me a necklace and said “Thank You, and I hope everything in your life becomes ok.” 

Even as I write about it now, I tear up. It was an unexpected act of kindness and one that showed me that my rescue family really cares deeply for each of its members. We are always running from pillar to post transporting dogs, transporting food, kennels, medicines and often arguing and being short with each other because we have no time and we have an overflowing shelter. But amidst all that insanity we do not forget to notice one another and just.. be kind.

And this is family.



The other prompt that evoked a response from me was to do with people hiding behind their technology and being mean to one another. Yes, via comments. The internet is a wonderful dias for all kinds of things. How do you think we manage to get so many dogs out of doggie jail ? But how many awful comments do we witness everyday too? 

I wish we would all think before typing, or imagine a real, live human response to what we were about to type. Or atleast remember that there is a human being at the other receiving end of that “Send” button. I do think that we’d end up being much nicer online.

That would be.. kind-a awesome, wouldn’t it ?


“Ma says to be kind always”


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