Roaring Laughter {Cave People}

This one easily goes to Saurabh. There were several moments during our Eurotrip that caused me to laugh uncontrollably and still two weeks later I catch myself laughing out loud alone,  when I am driving, or doing something unrelated and my mind wanders. But I document this particular one as part of today’s daily post because even though I laughed like an insane person when it happened, somehow I totally forgot about it in a few hours. I kept bugging him about it later because I knew something had tickled me but I just couldn’t remember what. And then, I got it out of him by pure emotional blackmail. And how, is a story for another time. But we had toured the Škocjan Caves in Slovenia, and here is a picture of us making it out of what is Europe’s largest canyon.


skocjanske-caves Later that night we checked into our apartment in Ljublijana. The owner of the apartment asked us what we’d been upto all this while and everyone began narrating our stops  – Milan, Piran, Rovinj.. and on.. but Saurabh took the cake away by saying:

We came from the caves.



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