My torrid affair with Blogger’s Block.

I’ve had no real thoughts lately. And the Daily Prompt is on a hiatus. Which means there has been no single, sudden, out of context, unexpected non dog post for my usual dog readers. You know, like this one, or this one or.. wait now you know I’m just trying to cheat and make you read my old posts.

I was reading this great post yesterday about how regular feature posts establish a strong audience. There is good advice to do something with or without alliterations each week like “Snarky Sunday” or “<<cannot think outside of alliterations title>>” . I thought to myself how true this is and how badly I am failing. So while my affair with the Blogger’s Block is not as torrid as I make it seem, I wanted to find a way to end it (for now).

I hit upon Five Posts to Write Right Now and can you imagine my horror when I couldn’t find anything that spoke to me ? Fortunately, sitting quietly in the first paragraph of Five Posts was Nothing to Write. And it explained how to make a list of ideas you think would not make good posts, to get the ideas out of your head, pick one idea that you connect with the most, and run with it. And I loved it! Because now I present to you a well thought of list, of absolutely random things. No picking one idea and running, just a list, of complete randomness.

1. What brought upon the recent Supreme Court Ruling in India to recognize eunuchs as a third gender ? [I am all for it and I also realize I could paste this very same thing into Google and get my answers. I just have not.]

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is ambrosia.

3. Stacey is incredibly incredibly selfish in recruiting Owen as her sperm donor seeing as how he is her best friend’s ex-fiance. What when down between Jane and Owen and whether or not, Jane is in love with Grayson is absolutely not the point. Friendship comes first. Sperm donors later. Oh.. you have NO idea what I’m talking about ? Watch Drop Dead Diva. I do realize how one of my sentences is a pun here.

4. I can see how I am very Black and White and how the world doesn’t always work this way.

5. Stealing this one from Nothing to Write: I wish clothing manufacturers would put pockets in women’s pants. Also, a scene from The Office comes to mind where Michael is wearing a women’s suit.

6. I might want to elaborate on the whole Stacey and Jane situation in a post called Friendships but it might end up being too controversial and only reinforce the fact that I only really love my Dog.

7. Every TV show has a cheese that goes well with it.

8. If you’re now thinking that I have a best friend who stole my ex fiance for sperm, you’re wrong.

They’re both dead.

And that was it! Hopefully this will lift the curse of silence that the Blogging Gods have bestowed upon me.


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