Passing Thoughts: How me and the K-Man are the same person sometimes!

This won’t be very long, but have you ever found that you and your dog are sometimes the same person? Kahlua and I were working (yes, he works.. only sometimes) at a photography fundraiser over at world’s best daycare yesterday and I observed something he did. At 4 am this morning (too little too late?) my jetlagged brain had a thought. (Yes, just. one. thought.)


Photo Courtesy, the Internet. I don’t secretly hide a Gru among the other skeletons in my closet.

The thought was basically about belaboring how I think he and I react similarly to certain situations sometimes, and then unleashing it online to bore you.

By the way, if you are in the Tallahassee area, and have not been to Doggie Dayz yet, you are missing something. Also, if you have not checked out Cauzican Care yet, you might be missing out on your bestest friend in the whole wide world. While I am so obviously digressing, let me point you to my friend Katelyn’s post which so beautifully describes why your dog is the best relationship you can ever have. (It’s ok you can judge us for thinking dogs are better – we are used to it, and are happy!) 

Back to it.

A really nice lady walked in for her appointment and Kahlua who was hanging with me while I rocked big boss Michelle’s chair, started barking his head off. It’s ok, he is a dog, and Doggie Dayz has most obviously become his territory (sorry, other dogs!) and so it is completely justified. 

But then she brought out a Tennis Ball and all his guard dog went away and the Lab came out to play. (Note, this does not always work, he can continue to be a guard dog if he wishes. Always ask me first if you can approach my big boy. I will judge you by your clothes and say yes or no. Just Kidding! No but seriously.. always ask.). Over the next hour or so that she hung out with us, they became best friends.

The day went on and toward the end, Michelle came in. Michelle and Kahlua have a deep bond. Serious head tilts will occur if you say the “M word”  in our home. 


Dis pretty lady be mine. Y’all back off.

See how he loves her ?

The whole point behind all of this is to say that he, like me loves people who he knows and has come to trust over time. While I don’t bark at strangers (well..) I also don’t really enjoy them as much as some other people (and dogs) do. Acquaintances take time to become friends both for me and my big boy. And our environment matters. I most certainly will not make conversation with a stranger on a train, but if it’s a new person in a known environment, that might be ok – just like with the K-man. He’s been known to be standoffish at a park before, but in areas that he calls his own, if he doesn’t feel the need to be protective of them from the stranger (he can tell.. trust me.. and I trust him.), he will bring you a toy. (You have then been accepted.)


We are one narcissistic, selfie taking duo, and proud!


Do you and your pup share behavioral patterns ?




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