It’s a Beer Paws kinda day!

Hi peoples! It’s me, the K-Man. 



A few days ago we got something in the mail! And I was like all YAY coz it smelled so good.


But my Ma didn’t have a single moment until now to open it. I do not like when humans are so busy! But today we did! 


It had some yummies from Beer Paws! Mom hadn’t told me she was ordering us any yummies! She did it to help Crystal help her foster dog Blind Willie with his eye surgery. I also saw that my two friends from Blogville – Boomer and Dottie did the same. These awesome beer biscuits are not only tasty and made with love, but each sale helps Willie, so please go get yourself some too!


I got the bag out and used my pretty brown eyes to ask Ma to open it for me. This always works.


We also got a free coaster with our order.


I absolutely LOVED my beer biscuit. Ma let me have two because I am SUCH a good pup!


Crystal sent us a note and an extra bag of biscuits because our wine paw was a little late! She is SO awesome! We know where we are getting our supply of biscuits from now onward!



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