Thank you and please fall in Love.

Cauzican Care was kind and showcased my post on Midnight’s adoption in their March issue. (Sidebar: If you haven’t already subscribed to the newsletter, please do it here! You will receive a monthly pupdate on all things Cauzican – adoptions, events, training tips etc. Past issues are available too.)

This post serves as a thank you to everyone who read it and connected with me to talk about fostering.

Almost everyone said I made them cry 🙂 Conversations began, and I got to thinking. Many people said how they’re already too attached to their foster and expecting the separation to be very painful. I already wrote about how that is true but there were some things I forgot to say. This is for all those foster parents who are attached, emotionally involved and apprehensive about the imminent separation.

You need to be all those things.

Let me put out a disclaimer here: I am not about to say that the foster parents who are detached are bad foster parents. Absolutely not. Different people have different ways of doing things and everyone who fosters, saves lives. But this post is directed to those who are attached, and somewhere deep down feel like they shouldn’t be because this is not their dog. This is to tell them, that it is alright to be attached.

To heal these dogs from the ailments, behavioral issues and other misfortunes their prior life gave them, you need to love them like your own, and sometimes more.

You will start remembering them in a happy way.

There will come a time when you think of them and just feel happy 🙂 I recently shared one such update (scroll down past the boring part!)

You will know which home is right for them.

You just will. You are the primary deciding factor and you will know. And you should follow your gut, and voice what you think about the home you’re about to place your temporary child in.

And the main thing is this:

Do not stop fostering for attachment reasons.

You have the ability to nurture a neglected animal back to a happy, fun and loving version of itself. Let these dogs pass through your doors and come out stronger and ready for real life. You will feel pain yes, but it is minuscule compared to the good that you just did for this dog.

Below are two wonderful articles about fostering and separation that come to mind as I wrap this up:

You are not supposed to not fall in love with your foster dog. In my friend Mariah’s words “The only thing you can do is to remember and prepare yourself for it all over again.”.


Midnight and me at a local event. Photo Courtesy Nandita,


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