Something of a Half Wit

is what I feel like right now for not being able to think of a good title for this post! This post, one that is about to break a very long hiatus I’ve taken from writing (unintentionally). I have some half baked goods sitting in my drafts folder and hopefully later they’ll develop into something worth your time.

So, I decided to self-deprecate in Shakespearean and build the title for this post. It is not about any one thing. Just a series of happenings.

This week in terms of rescue has been busy and dramatic. I never officially told you this but there was some general unrest among the board of county commissioners about how Animal Control in the small county whose shelter our rescue (the one I volunteer with) pulls and saves animals from. The general unrest was due to one of the commissioners not wanting Animal Control to function as an adoption facility which by the way, is not disallowed by the county ordinances and also was not what was happening anyway. If what he was trying to propose was accepted, the euthanasia rates of this small county shelter would have skyrocketed back to what they used to be before rescues stepped in. He organized a workshop this past Tuesday where his ‘concerns’ were laid to rest by a barrage of animal rescue supporters  and fellow members of the board. It was a successful meeting. The weeks leading upto it however, were filled with apprehension. I didn’t go to the meeting because I don’t get off work early enough to make the drive. And, my pen is mightier than my sword. My presence wouldn’t have made half as much impact as the email that I wrote to the board. (Yeah, it was pretty kickass. It was included in each commissioner’s binder, AND is now public record.). Most of the board supports Animal Control and I also wrote a Thank You letter to them for this, after the meeting.

Meanwhile, the shelter had several new intakes and some of the long haulers were facing the freezer. Wednesday was to be the day.The social media team really upped their game and our Facebook page was riddled with pleas for fosters and funds. And people listened! People are truly amazing. We received application after application for people wanting to foster and where we were looking at atleast 4 being put to sleep, we had none, this week. We are still working on applications and whom to place where but the teamwork was remarkable and the dogs are safe.


I am Django. I was saved from the Freezer.

I fail to see how people who fueled this one commissioner’s ‘concerns’ do not understand that this is the most important aspect of rescue. This is why we do what we do. Django is heartworm positive. We are trying to raise funds for his treatment.

We’ve had many adoptions in the past month. Infact I think the number of adoptions in the last couple of months is the highest I’ve seen since I joined this group in May last year. Our processes have matured and our standards are high. Volunteers work hard during their ‘free-time’ to ensure that Cauzican dogs go to great homes. The volunteer group has changed over the last 9 months, but I think we are at our strongest now. The rescue’s Facebook page has more information about who all had a close shave.

One of the most amazing things I got to experience as a rescue worker this past weekend was a training on how to temperament test a dog. Our team learned valuable things about dog body language, their communicative signals and how to interpret those to decide what kind of homes they need to be placed in. Returned dogs have a bad ripple effect on rescue organizations. We learned how to reduce returns by doing placements correctly. It is initiatives like this that make me have faith that this current group of volunteers is really serious about getting these animals into the best homes possible.

Speaking of ensuring that our animals go to to great homes, I’ve also been missing Midnight, but in a happy way! So I dug out an old picture that I don’t think I’ve shared here before. This was during a storm. I found her quivering in my room and tried to comfort her by hugging her. It didn’t work.Image

But when I placed her close to her foster brother (who can usually be found in the kitchen when the weather is bad), she was fine 🙂

Oh also, Kahlua turned 3 on Saturday! He invited some friends to go walk with him and celebrate! I told him he needs to stop growing older now, because I need him to live forever.



Rescue is a roller coaster. But just like a real roller coaster, if the people you ride with are fun and supportive, it can be a fun ride! I love all the personalities I’ve seen in the last 9-10 months even the ones I would probably not work with again, because they all taught me something. Many taught me compassion, love and generosity. Others taught me how rescuing animals can be something of a self obsession – an avenue to experiment with one’s business or marketing ideas as opposed to saving lives. I admire those business ideas and those brilliant minds. I am grateful however, that I learned to identify true rescuers.



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