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Happy Sunday Everyone! Petsitters Pune( kind enough to allow me the opportunity to be a guest writer on their blog. Please see my post here If you will 🙂

PetSitters, Pune... Our blog

It was August. It was 5:00 PM. In Tallahassee Florida, in mid 90 degree heat, driving down a major thoroughfare, I almost lost track of my steering due to a fine sight on the sidewalk.

Yes, you imagined correctly – a tiny pitbull mix of sorts, happy as they come, waltzing down the sidewalk, owner in ‘hot’ pursuit attached to the dog’s leash. Both smiling.

The owner was what one would call overweight. Even when I saw this, it turned out that we lived in the same apartment complex where everyone knew me as the quintessential dog lover and so of course we got talking. He explained that he used to be obese. Highly so. And then he adopted her. The little black pit-mix. No doubt he saved two lives.

Dogs are your shortest path to a healthy happy life. I was one to be a very still couch potato…

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