Foster ma says …

The rescue I is from (Cauzican Care) is going to be putting out a monthly Newsie-letter. I is not know what that is, but she says I must tell you to click on this linkie and sign up. The new year issue is coming out tomorrow (duh).

I has observed however, that you humans cannot do this using those small strange gadgets that you always have your faces buried in. You is need a computer like I is using now. Foster ma says she will try to see why it is so and fix it by next month’s issue if possible.

Please read our newsie-letter. I hope it is worth all the time she spent on the computer instead of playing fetch with me and foster brother.

PS: I is still looking for my forever home. I is need someone who will bond and interact with me and take me on walks and give me lovies. And I have many lovies to gives in return.If you want me you must emails to or comment here because foster ma can see your email from the comment and connects with you.


Happy new year humans!


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