“Does she chew”? I don’t know, do you chew?

9:00 PM Railroad Square Art Park.

Delightful conversation with delightfully (not) inebriated twenty something individual.

My fault. I usually can scan the person and decide if I would approach them for a possible adoption. But, that can also sometimes mean I am being judgmental. Plus, Midnight walked upto him and gave him kisses, so why not ?

“What a sweet dog!”  <<puppy kisses>>

“Well, she is up for adoption. Are you looking to adopt a dog?”

<<drunken slur>> “It depends…”

<<Could have left conversation at this point.>>

“On what?”

<<drunken slur>> “Well… ” <<mumble>>

“Alright, you have a good night.”

<<drunken slur>> “Wait.. is she Kennel trained?”


<<drunken slur>> “Does she chew?”

“All dogs chew.” <<Do not think it worth the effort to explain they will all do this when bored, anxious and under-exercised.>>

<<drunken slur>> “Is she..house.. housebroken?”


<<drunken slur>> “What else does she do ?”

“Have a good night.”

Adoptable dogs are not circus monkeys. I will not train any dog to do tricks for a human being’s silly thrills. If my foster/perma dogs know commands/tricks, it’s because I taught them to the dogs in order to bond with them, and to use them as a distraction from something that might cause them to be over-excited and over-reactive when I need them to be calm.  This is easier said than done, and I am no trainer. You won’t see me getting either Midnight or Kahlua to do a “happy dance” on command any time soon. But if you do, it is not for entertainment.

Adoptable Midnight, painting the town red! (well, yellow)

Adoptable Midnight, painting the town red! (well, yellow)

Furthermore, people need to understand (excuse my upcoming arrogance) that when they see us showcasing our adoptables in a public space and come up to us and show interest in our fosters, we are evaluating them as much, or more, as they, the dog. This is supposed to be a ‘fit’. And a good one too. This is not a one way street. Rest assured that if an adopter calls me to say they cannot handle Midnight, I will drop everything and go pick her up. Rest even more assured, that if I get the impression that Midnight is unhappy in her new home, I will drop everything and go pick her up.

We give these dogs temporary homes. There is no expiration date on this ‘temporary’ unless there are exceptional circumstances. We are not trying to get ‘rid’ of them. So yes, adopters will be turned down if needed.

Questions like “Is she trained?”,  radiate ignorance. Which by the way, is not a bad thing at all, if it can develop into a conversation about what “trained” means, and if the conversation really yields that there is a willingness to learn,  and love the animal, or possibly result in a different meaning of “trained” than what is commonly known and accepted.But, Ignorance with Arrogance equals DNA list. (Do not adopt list.)

Dogs are not prepackaged bake mixes with a specific set of instructions on how many eggs to add and how much oil to get a perfect result. They are living beings with minds and souls and feelings. If a potential adopter does not get this basic fact, ain’t nobody got taam for that.

Wasn't kidding. She is fully kennel trained.

Wasn’t kidding. She is fully kennel trained. Email cauzicanfl@gmail.com


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