Today’s daily prompt asks this :

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?


You’re thinking I’m either gruesome or retarded or gruesomely retarded. Well, you’re mostly right wrong. I just can’t spell, that’s all.

My friend and I were playing Draw Something and his work of art constituted a bunch of tombstones saying ‘RIP’ much like a home-horror-movie gone wrong (haha we aren’t the best artists!). So I thought, yeah I know this, its Ceme.. Cem.. wait what ? Why aren’t the little boxes matching up in number to C-E-M-E-T-R-Y! Because, idiot, you can’t spell.

<<Goes to google.com>>

<<Types C-E-M>>

Yes, autofill. I love you.



And, I learnt something today. Something that I should have learned in third grade.


5 thoughts on “Cemetery

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