Who is my Human ?

If you follow us you know I’ve been quiet on the Midnight front for a while. That’s because Midnight went to what I thought was to be her forever home, and well I am not superstitious but just a little sticious (Michael Scott reference) and so I did not want to say anything until it was an absolute certainty. And then I was about to write an explosively happy, cloyingly sweet and sappy post about how my temporary princess found her permanent castle.

That didn’t happen. Well.. yet 🙂

She did find the most wonderful human who loved her and cared for her like her own for the two weeks that she was with her. Unfortunately, for Midnight, her new human was way up there in age and their energy levels were not exactly compatible. More like, poles apart. So Midnight being the energy ball that she is, did not fit in. Well, no worries, I work with rescue, and I come equipped with dogs of all shapes, sizes and energy levels. So I recommended another dog to the elderly lady (79 years and awesome, mind you!).

Part of this is my fault. I am Midnight’s current mother. I know that a body in motion tends to stay in motion, unless made to exercise and wear out. The Newton-Canine Law, which you shouldn’t attempt to breach. Long story long, baby girl is back and looking for her forever home.

For now, I am her human.


And I plan to get it right this time. I have learned from this. The reason I let this happen was because this home and the human both are an impeccable pet household. I was hoping that I was wrong about my energy ball not being able to come to rest in this home. But mothers are always right. Even the foster ones 🙂  So this time, I will make sure her prospective perma-castle is one where she has all the activity and mental stimulus she needs.

So who is Midnight’s future human ? Is there a runner in shining armor waiting to come get my princess ? Because, you know, she needs an active human. Is there someone with a litter of human children armed with tennis balls who will keep my princess’s paws in motion ? Is there a family with a dog,  playful and loving like my Kahlua who will accept my princess with open paws and love her like a sister and also give her the mental stimulation and the company she needs ?

Every time I look at her,  I wonder – why is she still with me ? Where is her human ? She is affectionate as hell, very (and I mean like.. very) entertaining, a great exercise buddy who will also curl up with you and watch a movie when worn out or when you give her a bone to gnaw at. She is fully crate trained. There is no crate drama and I am ever so thankful for that. She is fully house trained. I am working on training. She already knows Sit and gives me her attention when I ask for it.  She is all the usual rescue jargon stuff- UTD on shots, spayed, and now drumroll… Heartworm NEGATIVE! ( Super YAY!) She is also all these other great things.

So .. where is my princess’s human and why are they hiding ?



One thought on “Who is my Human ?

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