Man is a giddy thing

Yesterday I wrote a plea to anyone and every one that would listen, and listen people did. I’ve never seen this much viewership on any of my posts. When I initially put this out on Facebook, the shares grew slowly and the hits were few. WordPress stats show me if a link was clicked from within my posts. Slowly the clicks to the donation website grew, and overnight,  the number of hits on the post skyrocketed. I got a notification from WordPress that my blog stats are blowing up.

I want to thank each and every one who contributed to Atanu’s return journey. We all wish that he had returned home in a different manner. But because of everyone who donated or clicked the share button, enough funds were raised to not only send his body back, but clear up his bills here and wrap everything up.

The title of my post is a line from a Mumford n Sons song called “Sigh No More” . It fits perfectly here. Man is a giddy thing. We are all so amazingly driven by emotion. Human beings thrive on compassion. Seeing others in distress, oddly brings out the goodness inside, or atleast it did yesterday. Yesterday’s list of countries where the post was viewed include The USA, Canada, Thailand, Germany, Quatar, Austria and India.  Dollars(and other currencies) and wishes from ALL over the world touched this one soul.  It just amazes me, beyond belief how this turned out and how much human beings are capable of when push comes to shove.

Everyone that shared, everyone that donated, everyone who even thought about the family and wished them comfort, every one of those people contributed in a valuable way.


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