A plea

This will be a quick one, because it couldn’t wait. Time is REALLY of essence here. A student here at FSU drowned at St. George’s Island on Sunday afternoon. His insurance had expired just 5 days ago ( It’s that time of semester where all expenses come at once and kick you in the rear. He probably was going to renew with his next paycheck but we will never know.)

As a result, there is a need for funds to send his body back to his family in India. Even as I write this, I cringe at the thought of his expectant family, who sent their son abroad in hopes of his happiness and success,  and now await his body. 

Please donate. This website accepts credit cards. Every little bit helps. Let’s send the guy home.



Here is the original description from the link  “

On Sunday, Atanu Mitra (a postdoc in the Chemistry department here at FSU) drowned while swimming at St. George Island. This is incredibly tragic, especially for his family back in India. A fundraiser is going on to raise money for his body to be shipped home (his health insurance expired only last week, so there are no other options). If you have any money to spare… $5, $10… whatever! Please please please donate to this fundraiser so he can return home to his family. It is a costly ordeal, but every bit of money will help. And please do not hesitate, as this needs to be done ASAP since his body must be preserved.

Even if you are not in Tallahassee, please spread the word. 

Prayers to Atanu Mitra, his friends, and his family! Thank you all!



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