Time and Tide..

Today’s daily prompt asks this:

For a moment today, time stands still — but you can tweak one thing while it’s stopped. What do you do?

Here is the thing. To achieve what I want to achieve in this one moment, I need more than just one moment. So I am going to use this one moment to make time stand still for another moment and be all recursive about this so that I can do what I’ve been ignoring for a while now.


This is a serious problem. I’ve always had it. A normal sight at my home is piles of clothes lying around only to be picked up and shoved behind the closet’s ever-bursting doors when someone threatens to come over.

Don’t get me wrong, I am indeed always wearing clean clothes. It’s just that I have way too many. (Something about having a cluttered environment meaning that you have a cluttered brain comes to mind.. ) And I wash only one load at a time, picking the most urgent garments. So there are always unwashed ones lying around. I live in this interesting universe where clean and dirty clothes peacefully coexist at all times.

Occasionally a sock or two will disappear. My dogs have only that much resistance to temptation. I think doing laundry is the worst kind of manual labor. It is the most vile way in which a human being can spend their time. I think there should be some magic machine in which you put your clothes and let them spin for a while and they come out clean. Oh wait..

Well..There should be some magic elves that come around and put your clothes in this magic machine where if you put your clothes and let them spin for a while and they come out clean.

The title is a cheap play of words on Time because of the context of  the daily post, and Tide because it is a detergent. They say the worst kind of joke is one that you need to explain. Nailed it!


6 thoughts on “Time and Tide..

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  4. First I thought my mom had written a guest-post on your blog LOL On sunday our rotary clothesline died with all our tons of laundry, wow that was an event… Have a great wednesday, we need one-way-clothes I think :o)

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