Celebrating the Perma Pup!

I originally started this blog to document Kahlua’s and my journey together and lend a few laughs by it’s virtue because we all know he and I both have a silly streak 🙂 We never expected to have Midnight in our lives, but we are happy we have been blessed with the opportunity to love her like our own until we find her the best forever home possible. It’s only natural that this blog became more about her because I need to get her word out there and what better way than to write her up, photograph her and unleash her on Facebook, right ? Kahlua still has his cameos as “big guy” with the “little girl” or “foster bro” or the “blue” with the “pink”. But, he has the more major role in fostering Midnight, and he deserves his mark on the map of blogville.



Can you imagine how impossible it would be to foster without the support of our perma-pups? If they were not as rock solid, reliable, well behaved and as constant as they are?

My strong, capable, reliable and protective perma-pup!

My strong, capable, reliable and protective perma-pup!

Can you imagine if they didn’t want to share their mothers and fathers with the crazy strays that came home to take over their kingdom ? (Note: Our fosters are not crazy. I say this just to make you laugh. But I want to point out that shelter life makes dogs stressed out, depressed and anxious. Not to mention they are often sick, or have worms, or heartworms when we bring them home. When we do decide to care for them, we make a subconscious choice to give them more time and attention, over and above our own dogs.)

With this post, I want to applaud (and raise a glass, because it’s Friday and everyone deserves a drink!) to all the perma pups that lend their families to the less fortunate shelter dogs. They are the strongest support system foster homes can have. They have the biggest hearts one can imagine + 1. They have the confidence and the faith in their humans to do a good job of helping an angel find her(/his) wings. There are too many perma dogs to list here but their parents, if they’re reading this will convey my applause and my love.

It’s amusing to me how silly Kahlua and Midnight’s relationship is! I am pretty certain Kahlua knows that Midnight wasn’t as fortunate as he is. I am pretty sure he also knows she is undergoing the same behavioral training that he has already mastered. And I am a hundred percent sure he internally laughs at how silly she is 🙂 I even know that when she came home from the doctor after her first heartworm treatment, he knew something was amiss, and he knew he shouldn’t be playing rough with her. I am so sure he loves her and wants her to have a happy life just as much as I do. Just the other day they were asleep in my car and his head was resting on her. Ofcourse when I brought the camera out.. it was all gone!

Although he doesn’t want, expect or understand it, I want to apologize to my Kahlua for all the time that I don’t spend with him. He knows I love him and I’d sell kidneys and lungs and whatever else to feed him and keep him happy, but I think I should say it more than I do. (I can just hear him say.. really mother.. I could use a little space!) But you know what I mean!

A-pawl-ogize?  Ma.. let me sleep!

A-pawl-ogize? Ma.. let me sleep!


6 thoughts on “Celebrating the Perma Pup!

  1. I can definitely relate to this! One of the things we struggled with most during our time fostering, is the fact that our dogs do suffer somewhat in less time/attention/etc. But like you said, the sacrifice they must make is certainly worth it when you are talking about saving lives! Thank you for doing what you do 🙂 And of course, thanks for linking up to us!!

  2. I had to comment and express my never-ending gratitude to my dogs, especially Penny. She was my first, and she has put up with so much from so many dogs over the past few years. She accepted Pepper, and somehow accepted Nessie, and she has somehow maintained poise and grace the entire time. She amazes me – and it’s really only because of her that I can managed five and six under the same roof. She is amazing, so I know exactly what you mean about Kahlua making things work for you guys. It really is their attitude that makes the difference.

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