Color me Midnight.

My roommate and I make observations about Midnight every so often. Usually we create silly situations and make inferences about the dogs only for our own amusement – there is little else in our lives apart from the love of dog (well, we are luckier than most people I’d say 😉 )
Anyway, the other day she said something so profound about Little Miss Midnight, that I had to share it with the world (or the few people that read the nonsense I write 😉 ) This was it: Midnight acknowledges everything. And now you’re thinking – where is the Eureka moment in that, girl ? Let me explain:
Think about one person you’re extremely fond of – your best friend, your spouse, your mom, whoever. What makes you like them so much ? One of the key things is that they’re attentive. They respond. The acknowledge your every thought, your every move, your every action and your every emotion. This is exactly what Little Miss Midnight does.
Her tail wags every time one of us says something and it needn’t even be addressed to her. Her tail is perpetually wagging. She is happy to be around her human. She loves to be spoken to. She loves to be hugged and kissed.
You don’t have to try too hard with her. You can just be you. And Midnight will love you anyway. It’s just how she is – affectionate, and amazing. She is responsive. She acknowledges everything. She is responsive to treats and to toys.To her humans and her foster brother.
When I call her name, she drops whatever she is doing and comes running to me to see what all the ‘madness’ is all about. Who wouldn’t want such a companion? How many people can honestly say that they have someone like this in their lives? One who drops everything, and comes to them, smiling, open, ready and accepting.
Little Miss Midnight is just that – responsive, loving, sweet, affectionate and also adoptable 🙂 Reach out to me if you need this happy little girl to make your life even happier and more complete. Or email

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