Sneaky Saturday-Tail of two black dogs.

These two have a funny friendship! He lets her have ANYthing she wants. Then sits by her like this and looks at me, asking me to be the bad guy and get it back for him. Yet, he sits by her crate when she is in it (and she is in her a lot due to treatment). And she yelps when I take him out and don’t take her( and I have to because she needs complete crate rest). She doesn’t do this when only I leave. It’s only when I take him away with me.


Adoptable midnight going to town with a bone while foster brother begs mom to fight his battles because he won’t take away from his foster sis 🙂

Midnight does great with other dogs.
Comment on here if you would like to adopt her. Please share away! 

Have a super Saturday!


One thought on “Sneaky Saturday-Tail of two black dogs.

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