Smell you later, Apt X

I started writing this post when indeed the Daily Prompt came out. Things happened. Distractions came. And I abandoned it. But I smelled the smell again today. And since I felt the way I did, I decided to write it even though the daily prompt is long gone.

It’s so strange that today’s Daily Prompt asks this, because I’ve been thinking of a particular fragment from my scent memory. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. It’s the smell of a particular shower gel that I associate with Apt X, during a very specific time. I loved that time 🙂 I loved that apartment. I loved living across the hall from one of my best friends. (A best friend who is shameless and never reads my posts.. but still, I know that at the drop of a hat this best friend will cross the pond if I need it, and I will do the same.)

Everything is good and happy about that smell and Apt X. That was the first place that was home outside of home. It was Kahlua’s first home. It was a happy place. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day,  Halloween, Diwali, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s eve and all our birthdays there.

The neighbors became friends, and still are 🙂

Needless to say I miss that time and place. Even though I can’t go back to it, I look back at it with a happy heart, a warm feeling, and smell that smell.


This picture was from the Halloween when we Mummified our door. Don’t do it, it takes a LOT of effort to take it off.


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