Until then, I will love her like my own.

Or him. It just turns out that most of our dogs in foster are girls at this point. And the title is actually something that Allyn, a wonderful foster mom said, and it touched me. So I decided to do a piece on our amazing foster dogs and the amazing human beings who open their hearts and homes to these cute little strays. Believe me when I say the cute strays make their niche in the foster parents’ hearts, and they carve it so deep, that parting from them becomes unthinkable. To know what I mean, read Nala’s adoption story here. I couldn’t finish it. Still haven’t. The thought of parting from Midnight, my own little foster stray kept jabbing at my heart and kept me from reading Mariah’s piece.

Note: Do not worry. I am not foster failing.  My love for her, and my dedication to her health has often been mistaken for a disposition to foster fail, and adopt her. But I am stronger than that. The sweet brown eyes and the perpetually wagging tail have a permanent place in my heart, but they are not mine. They belong in another home. One much better than I can give her. And I’m still looking.  (So share this post now already!). And so I will not rest until I get her heartworms fully treated and find her the perfect family, and until then, I will love her like my own. Sidenote – I know a little something about detachment what with being 10,000 miles away from my home, my family and my people. Right ? So.. no false accusations please!

Now, without further adieu, let me present to you our dogs in foster care, and quote what their foster humans have to say about them! And of course there will be pictures!


First up we have sweet, cute, darling Sasha! This picture below is foster ma’s fave!


Sweet, Playful Sasha

Say what? Adopt ?

Say what? Adopt ?

Here is what Foster Ma says about Sasha:

If I didn’t want to continue to foster dogs, she would be a keeper. “Sweet Sasha” Sasha stands for sweet, adorable, social, happy, & active. Sasha loves other dogs and people of all sizes. She doesn’t chase cats. We found that out over at my mom’s house where the cat chased her. She was not happy about that. She thinks everyone should love her and want to play with her. She is house broken, vetted, spayed and does really well walking on a leash. She is going through training right now, which she is doing really well with. She likes to play with stuffed toys and enjoys a good game of tug o war. She does like to be near you and will even snuggle with you on the couch. She is a sweet girl that deserves a great forever home.

June Bug

Next, we have June Bug! June found her way into the hearts of all Cauzican volunteers when she met two of them on a hike in Wakulla. Ever since then, Allyn has been fostering her and loving her like her own.


Could I be ANY cuter?

June (left), being cute in her Pack!

June (left), being cute in her Pack!

Here is what Foster Ma says about June:

She is a total love bug which I assume is how she got that portion of her name “June Bug” .. She is very responsive to commands but would do best with a experienced owner who will not be scared to redirect her when appropriate.. She gets along fantastically with other dogs! She easily melded into my pack of 4. She would love to go on hikes or exploring outdoors but would be just as happy spending the day on the couch with her human. Not super high energy and I could see her happy in an apartment setting. She is crate trained and hasn’t had an accident in the house since I got her.. She does great at events with children but might be tempted to play rough in the home if she is not given rules, boundaries, and limitations.


Lilly, is a big bundle of love. I’ve seen her at multiple events and she is very well behaved, as are June, Sasha and Midnight, Gypsy and Doak. All our fosters are well behaved. I am not just saying that because they are ours, but because we put in a lot of effort in making them so. Most of our dogs go to DoggieDayz for behavioral training as and when their parents can spare time. We work on basic commands at home and have monthly pack walks to socialize them and work on anything that we think needs work!

Anyway, back to Lilly! Here is a picture.

Beautiful Lilly

Beautiful Lilly

And here is what Foster Ma has to say:

Lilly is around 7mos old, a Bull dog/Great Dane mix. Completely vetted, ht wm neg, crate trained, leash trained, and full of energy as a puppy is. She is cat friendly and gets along with other dogs. She doesn’t know a stranger, everybody is her friend. Loves to ride in the car.


I guess we have a boy after all! Yay for Doak! Sweet boy.. he was at the nurseries last weekend. Here is a picture:

I am looking for my forever home!

I am looking for my forever home!

Here is what Foster Ma has to say:

He is 1-2 yr old bulldog. A man’s dog, very strong, very active, completely vetted, ht wm neg. He would be a good man’s dog, rough and tough bulldog. Is getting leash trained, but has been an outdoor dog. Did not show much interest in the cats, but would probably chase one if he could. Is food aggressive, but gets along with my dogs.


Gypsy is about 2-3 years of age. She has a very calm and sweet demeanor. She is currently undergoing heart worm treatment.

Heartworms? No biggie, they'll be gone soon! Keep calm, and smile on!

Heartworms? No biggie, they’ll be gone soon! Keep calm, and smile on!


And last but not the least we have Midnight! She is my foster daughter so Foster Ma has a lot to say! I will try and not bore you to death. But first, a picture!

Adopt me? Pretty please ?
(Picture courtesy Betsy Sassnet Photography)

She is a 3 year old lab mix weighing a mere 35 lbs. This dog has a sweet sweet disposition. One has to do very little to warrant a BIG Midnight hug and kiss and a lot of tail wagging. Seriously, she is affectionate. She does very well with other dogs. She and my Kahlua will play so well together, it’s amazing!. I take her to Doggie Dayz for training and for daycare. She knows “Sit”, “Stay” and “Down”. We are currently in an apartment and happy, so I don’t see a yard being a necessity, but it would be nice! She loves going on long walks and loves playing fetch. All this fun is on a temporary hold because she is undergoing heart worm treatment. She is being amazing about that too. She has no qualms about being crated practically all day and all night. No fuss. I mean, amazing. How? I have no idea. Her attitude is just.. amazing. I think she knows this is for her own good, and she knows it will pass soon. She should be all clear in about 6 weeks. So you won’t see her at events until then, but feel free to comment here or email cauzicanfl@gmail.com for any questions and I will help you out.

Foster Ma, what you got there ?

Foster Ma, what you got there ?

Big Lab, Little Lab

Big Lab, Little Lab

She is small . Look at her in perspective with Kahlua. A compact bundle of love. I can tell she will also make a good running buddy. She will do well with kids who will throw the ball for her to fetch.



She is completely crate trained. She does not sleep in my bed. I do let her in it when I am up and having my morning coffee, because.. why not? All dogs deserve a little snuggle in a big bed!

For more photos of these dogs, go to our album on the Paws Adoption Event.

All of these dogs except Midnight and Gypsy will be at Woofstock tomorrow at Shiloh Farms from 2:00 to 7:00 pm. Please swing by to meet them!


6 thoughts on “Until then, I will love her like my own.

  1. I too am a foster mom and I fall in love with each and every boy or girl that comes and stays at the Litt Palace of Puppy Love! My rescue I work with, Mostly Mutts, takes animals out of the local shelters in the Atlanta suburbs so I know that once I find the best home for my fosters, I get to pull someone else from our animal shelters. I love all that you do!

  2. *tears of joy* Assuming our dog meet goes well in two weeks, we will finally be joining the fold of these amazing foster families, bringing our first foster dog into our family. I love her already, having worked with her in the shelter, so this was exactly what I needed to read right now. Thank you!

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