Peace, Love and Protection

This is my open response to this articleThe One Thing No One Tells You Before You Have KidsDon’t get a dog.

This post reflects my opinion, and mine alone. It is in no way related to my friends, acquaintances or my employer. If I have linked to other posts in this one, it is solely to exemplify my conclusions and does not in anyway reflect the opinions of the authors of those posts.

I apologize in advance to you, my reader, for this post might be a little forward, maybe even a little harsh and I try not to be these things as much as possible. I try not to judge people, specially those whose shoes I’ve not walked in. However, I can’t help but feel judgy when it comes to this article.

Please read the article before you go any further. While my love has migrated quite obviously from the little humans to the little and big canines,  I’ve still managed to retain my grip on reality –  that most of the world doesn’t think that way. And I’m not here to convince anyone. Each to their own 🙂 Think of me when your child says ‘I hate you Mom’ when you spent a bomb on that prom dress that she hates. My child hugs and kisses me even when sometimes all I have to offer is an ugly 94 cent toy. 

The author presents a bold side to the age old argument of “Kids or Dogs”. The one thing I respect about her is that she actually has voiced what many people feel and do not say. And that is very brave. But bravery has a small component of stupidity to it. Stupidity also causes one to have more kids than one can handle emotionally, physically, mentally or financially. There are means to avoid having extra kids. Hence the title of my post and most mature adults do not need anymore TMI.

Let us pick this post apart.

A friend of mine once told me that before he had a kid, he would have run into a burning building to save his cats. Now that he has a kid, he would happily drown the cats in the bathtub if it would help his son take a longer nap. Here is how I feel about that statement: Velvel, avoid the bathroom.

These are your friends ? I am no rocket surgeon, but there is something awfully wrong there.

It’s not that I don’t love my dog. It’s just that I don’t love my dog. And I am not alone.

No, you are not alone. The world is full of crazy people.  Love is not a finite resource. How do you stop loving one creature just because you started loving another? Or in your case, many anothers.

A very nonscientific survey of almost everyone I know who had a dog and then had kids now wishes they had never got the dog.

Yes it is non scientific. And it is also stupid because the people who participated in it are your acquaintances who would readily drown kittens in a bath tub.

This is a near universal truth, even for parents with just one child, though I have more.

It is a nonscientific survey of almost everyone you know.  You, are but a tiny speck in a massively complicated universe. So by definition, it not nearly anywhere close to being a universal truth. For the one child comment, please go out and meet normal people, and also see this post. The author recently had a baby, and loves everyone equally.

Here is a regular sequence of events at my house: I pick the baby up and he pukes on me. I run from the living room to the kitchen with the baby in one arm, trying not to touch his milk-dripping mouth to the left side of my shirt while I grab a paper towel to wipe off the milk-covered right side of my shirt, when I hear the sound of exactly 2,459 tiny fucking Legos crashing to the floor. My middle son has dumped out the Lego bin again. And my eldest (who is now 4) is yelling “ready for wipe!” from the bathroom. I think, “I’ve got to start trusting that kid to wipe himself,” just as the middle son, who is now sitting in a sea of Legos smearing Desitin all over his face, screams: “Velvel threw up!”

I empathize.  I would not want any of my days to be this way, let alone all of them. The key to that is to contain your procreation. Peace, Love and Protection. I have a whole ‘nother can of worms I would like to open about how certain people should not be allowed to reproduce anyway. That may or may not apply here. It’s material for another controversial post.

(I’m no dog whisperer, but this might be because he’s not getting any attention.)

You used to revolve your entire life around him. Made him homemade food, took him on hikes. And then you tossed him away. Heck, if that were done to you, you’d more than just whine. But that’s just it, you’re human. Velvel is better than you.

Did I mention he sheds? This is not his fault, exactly. But who else to blame when the new baby is covered in dog hair, or the older kids are making gagging noises while watching Jake and the Never Land Pirates because “there’s something in my mouth.”

Who else is to blame? Where did the adult go ?

That’s it, I can’t even read your article anymore to try and paste parts of it here and respond to them.  You really need to do right by Velvel. Before he is gone and it’s too late and you can do nothing about it anymore. Also, what kind of example are you setting for your kids? How are they going to learn to treat animals with respect ? If you can’t deal with this, find him a good family who can. They are out there!  The people who don’t drown kittens, they are out there, trust me 🙂

You brought this dog into your lives just as you did your kids. You owe him a good life. If you can’t give him one, own it, and give him to a better family.

Little Kahlua, on his first day home

Little Kahlua, on his first day home


5 thoughts on “Peace, Love and Protection

  1. What a great response! I read this article the other day and couldn’t get more than 2 paragraphs in. Then I came back and read it again later that night and was enraged. I don’t have kids, so I don’t feel equipped to judge, but I can’t imagine saying such horrible things about my dogs! I mean, the worst part is that he didn’t even do anything WRONG! I have been in some pretty tough situations with my dogs before that were really emotionally trying and I have thought some pretty crappy thoughts, but we have gotten through them and my life for them has actually grown, not dwindled. This is not even THAT! Sigh. I feel so bad for that sweet little dog who should be living it up in his senior moments.

    • Thank you! Yes a couple of friends told me they couldn’t read past the kitten part. I agree this is a separate problem than having kids. We all have rough days. We all have sleepless nights. We all have moments where we just shut ourselves in the bathroom and escape for a minute. But this is different, and really wrong.

      Thank you fore reading 🙂

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