A new temporary pack member!

Yes! We have one 🙂 Her name is Midnight. I’m co-fostering her with Eric and Katelyn (from Tails from the other end of the leash).

My writing skills are not on my side today while my ear is blocked as a result of trying to clear my nose. Ok, now I’ve grossed you out. Meh. But please bear with me 🙂

Midnight is a 2 year old lab something who is about half Kahlua’s size. Seriously, this is a compact bundle of love! She is active and HAPPY. I wonder what sort of magic fairydust is inside of dogs. What makes them this resilient? I don’t know her exact story but somehow she landed up at the shelter. Rejected. She’s had atleast one litter of pups from the looks of her. She was out of time at the shelter when we decided to pull her. But still, she smiles, plays, hugs and kisses, with all her heart and all her might.

When we humans feel rejected, we whine, cry, wallow in self pity, let it affect our self esteem, feel evaluated, evaluate ourselves and others and become a whole new state of disrepair that needs counselling, meds and lord alone what else to try and bring us back to normal. We should take a leaf out of shelter dogs’ books. They still are willing to give us humans a chance.

Foster Ma, what you got there ?

Foster Ma, what you got there ?

She is my new shadow. She follows me everywhere. She is the perfect companion. She also knows the kitchen is where I drop stuff while cooking, so she is always there! And so is foster brother!

You gonna drop that ?

You gonna drop that ?

It’s funny how they were totally unaware of each other for the first couple of days and now as I speak, they’re chasing each other around and battling (playfully) over toys that used to squeak.

Day 1: "Ma i think there is another dog in the house, but I am not sure"

Day 1: “Ma i think there is another dog in the house, but I am not sure”

Day 5: Death of the Damburger

Day 5: Death of the Damburger

Midnight is heartworm positive. We are working to raise funds for her (and other HW+ Cauzican dogs). Heartworms are bad news, yes. But they are curable. They do not make a dog less adoptable. Here is an informative article on heartworms.

Please cross your paws that Midnight’s treatment begins soon.


In the meanwhile, if you know of someone looking for a bundle of love like Midnight, a house trained, crate trained, active, beautiful, loving dog, please comment here, or email cauzicanfl@gmail.com. You can actually meet Midnight at our Paws adoption booth tomorrow, or at Lake Ella on Sunday at 9:00 am along with some of our other foster dogs.

Hidden Prey

Hidden Prey



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