A little bit of weekend, in pictures.

We mostly had a chillful weekend. I’d been feeling guilty about spending all my weekends for the past month either travelling or doing rescue work, and ignoring Kahlua. So even though we stayed in most of the weekend, we still spent it together mostly. I did go to the race this morning, but I’m sure Kahlua needed a break from me by then! 


Ma, the evil blinds stole my puppy kong. Please help me ?

I actually made myself a fully vegetarian meal on friday! It was pretty yum too – collard greens, peppered tofurky, squash and tomatoes tossed in a balsamic vinegarette. Mariah would be proud of me!


My super veggie Friday meal!

Guess who I spent the morning with at the race ? Oreo! She is adorable and adoptable! And I know for a fact she is a running dog. She will run with you! We ran just a little today. Well, she scampered, I ran. If you run, and you need a buddy, this is the dog for you. 


I solemnly swear I will run with you.

You can read more about Oreo and the Vocal, Insane, No Chain, Blowout from yesterday on Katelyn’s blog. 

Oreo came over for a brief moment, and Kahlua was so happy to have a friend over! They’ve never met each other, but they were behaving like long lost brother and sister.


We is really want that treat now once you get the camera out of our faces.

And now, if this storm lets up, I’d really like to go get some supplies for Midnight. Who will come home to us sometime next week. I can’t go now, because look….


Ma the kitchen is the only safe place in the whole wide world right now. Again, I see you taking this lightly.. we need to talk once this is over.

I’ve been reading up on how to photograph well. I promise, I will get better soon. In the meanwhile, have a great Sunday evening!


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