No returns or exchange on merchandise.

Our dogs are not merchandise. And we do not have this rule. We actually allow returns and exchange on our dogs. Because we understand that sometimes it’s just not a good ‘fit’.

It’s funny how I often assume that someone who has had a dog for longer than I have, has more knowledge of dog behavior, than me. If I may be completely self involved and obnoxious, I know more than quite a few people who’ve had dogs for a long time. And I am only just now coming to this realization. Of course, I have bunches more ย to learn. Learning never stops. But that’s just it. What makes me better, is my willingness to learn. And I will stop blowing my own trumpet now.

You remember how excited I was about our not one, not two, but three adoptions, ย from my last post? ย Well, I got a phone call Monday morning, that one of our dogs needed to be returned. I don’t entertain non-work calls at work, and I am not the adoption coordinator so I connected the un-adopter to Sam. And, I had expected this call. Just, my gut and a pattern of events told me I would be receiving this call. Me and the other volunteers had ignored our respective guts and hoped our instincts were failing us in light of the perfect home visit, the impeccable liking that this dog took to his new sibling and all the other things that felt right; and we allowed the adoption.

The dog was un-adopted because he was peeing on stuff around the apartment. Now, this could mean a multitude of things – an infection, marking off what was ‘his’, establishing alpha in the face of his sibling or simply new surroundings. How long have I had Kahlua ? This un-adopter has been an owner for almost a decade more. Judgmental much, Shalini ? Yes. When it comes to this, I am. I do not judge people for returning dogs because I know sometimes, you just cannot cope. I get it. I have my not so strong days too! But, this is different.

We offered treatment and training. But the dog was dropped off at animal control (I am told) with little remorse. Willingness to learn ? I don’t see it.

Does this un-adopter deserve a dog? No.

Shelter dogs are not merchandise. Sure we have return and exchange plans. But now, we are also planning a blacklist. And we have one member on it already.

Should blacklists be shared among rescues ? This is my question to you. And a question that’s been plaguing all of us volunteers. Should we share with each other, people with un-adoptive patterns ?

On a lighter note, Kahlua is doing better! He attended a photography training class with us yesterday courtesy of the wonderful Betsy from Betsy Sasnett Photography! Pepper, Jango and Nala were there too. Jango was our model. Here is my best shot from yesterday. And I promise, I will get better at this.. photography thing!

Dogs Ahoy!

Dogs Ahoy!

And a few other shots just for your entertainment!

My half-son, Jango

My half-son, Jango

Everyone 'focusing' on Jango!

Everyone ‘focusing’ on Jango!

Adoptable Nala!

Adoptable Nala!

My beautiful boy!

My beautiful boy!


8 thoughts on “No returns or exchange on merchandise.

  1. I love the shot of Jango ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I’ve mentioned this before about DNA lists. I feel like keeping an internal list is a fantastic tool especially in certain cases. In this instance, she was well within a home trial period and it isn’t information she was given prior. I know because I didn’t even know this myself. Of course, I’m with everyone else in saying I feel as though when someone truly finds their furry best friend they’ll work through ANY issue they can before giving them back. However, I only believe in sharing DNA lists amongst other rescues when it is a true case of neglect or abuse. Those cases are imperative to share, but a case where someone is just not attached after adopting on impulse? I always feel as though other rescues can form their own feelings and opinions of the potential adopter. I try to remind myself not to be too judgemental because all of my pups were owner surrenders. Of course it sickens me to ever imagine giving up my dogs, but if they hadn’t I wouldn’t have them. I certainly feel they are happy with me, and I do my best. So, things work out as they should.

    • Good input Sam! Owner surrender can be a blessing in disguise ๐Ÿ™‚ I also believe we shouldn’t judge based on an isolated incident- we might be depriving a dog of a good home if we do ๐Ÿ™‚ I realise I might be judging harshly because what might seem like a small problem to me, might be a huge one for someone else. And she might be having a host of other things on her plate and would like an “issue-free” dog because working on problems is just an impossible task at this point. I don’t know what the answer to that is – i want to say, wait till you are mentally, emotionally, physically ready to adopt!

  2. i think the blacklists should be shared, because that’s the only way you’ll see a pattern.

    great news about Kahlua! and really liked the “dogs ahoy” picture!

  3. Jango was so freaking happy to have everyone focused on him, its def been a dream of his to have everyone he loves 100% attention on him! He came home and was so exhausted from his long day of modeling!!!!!! And Nala’s picture looks awesome!!! She looks so confident !!!

  4. I absolutely think there should be a “blacklist” and in fact, Last Hope has one, as do many other rescues I know of. If there is an extremely legitimate reason to return the dog (a recent one I experience involved a highly allergic child) then that is one thing, but an unwillingness to work with a minor behavioral issue in my opinion, warrants a blacklist! I am so sorry to hear it didn’t work out with dog. I’m curious, was it Rocky? I’ve learned that your gut is usually 10 times more accurate of an indicator that anything else when it comes to rescue/adoptions. Anyways, sorry I just rambled!

    • No Morgan you are right! The Gut always knows!! I will learn to follow my instincts in the future ! I’ll send you a PM to tell you which dog- I don’t want to shame the person publicly.. it’s good to know LHR has a list.. !

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