Tails of Happy Homes and one not so Happy Home

Well, don’t be too worried. The not so happy home right now is mine. I am home caring for my sweet Kahlua who has something that was making him throw up a whole lot yesterday. Twice there was blood. So I was worried sick and we went to the vet this morning. He is better now but please cross all your paws that he doesn’t throw up again because that means he will need to be in the hospital for a bit possibly, and that is a horrible thought.


Ma, I don’t feel so good in my tummy 😦

But now, to the happier tails! So, you may or may not know from my “Local Event Highlight” that we had an event on Saturday. It turned out to be a huge success. I had been nervous about this for a while because it was my first effort at organizing anything in a really long time. But because of all the awesome volunteers of Cauzican Care, Out-U-Go, Doggie Dayz and some of my close friends, it pulled together beautifully and we had not one, not two, but three adoptions! The best part was one of them was Rocky- who has been held at Bloxam Kennels for a really, really long time. 

Another fun thing was Kahlua had a house guest on Friday night! Meet Lilly!


Kahlua and Lilly, sitting pretty!

She is adoptable, by the way! Lilly is a little scared of sudden movements and loud sounds. But give her a little time and she will warm up to you. She is about 11 months old,  house trained and crate trained. You can read more about Lilly’s stay over with us and her weekend, on Katelyn’s blog! She has exposed to the world that I spoil the puppies. Well, she is probably right  🙂

The next morning, guess who came over right before the event? Jango! You remember Jango from my previous post ? So we had three dogs in all. And I tried to get some pictures, but it was very difficult. Here is one successful one!


Can you tell which is which ?

But as you can see, there is one dog missing. Here are my attempts though. Please don’t laugh! 


One smile and Two Tails!


Black Dog I continues to smile, Black Dog II disappears


A Smile and a Butt!

Jango and Kahlua stayed home while Lilly came to the event with us. We got rained on but that did not dampen our spirits, just our clothes and our dogs. Our baked goodies were safe because Out-U-Go guarded them under their tent. Doggie Dayz was there too, showcasing good animal behavior and explaining how to correct leash pulling. It all turned out very well! Here are the three Happy Endings!


Calypso found a beautiful family!


Licorice went home forever!

We brought Licorice out of the shelter just for this event and really did not want to drive him back there. We didn’t! That feeling is beyond words!


Rocky found a home, and a new brother, named Rocco!

Rocky has been held at Bloxam Kennels for a really long time. He has just had a long streak of bad luck until Friday, when two very awesome volunteers picked him up, bathed him, kept him overnight and brought him out to the event. And, did not have to drive him back!

One girl did have to go back though. My special girl – Midnight. But Katelyn, Eric and I are going to co-foster her. She will be partly living with me, and partly with Eric until we find her the best home ever! This is her, and I will write more when she comes home to us 🙂


Next time, I don’t want to go back, please!

But she’s available! So if you want her, talk to me ! Or email cauzicanfl@gmail.com for Midnight.

I’m off now- remember to cross your paws for Kahlua!




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