The girl with the black dog who looks like Kahlua

I ran into her in the dog park all the time when our kids were 3-4 month old identical black puppies. Her’s a little bolder, mine being one to find solace under a park bench. Others in the park said “He is not trained” or “He is not well socialized”, but never her. She was always nice to him. If one of our kids weren’t from Pensacola and the other from Cairo, I would’ve sworn they were brothers. But only blood doesn’t make brothers.

Both our timings changed and we stopped meeting at the park.

Suddenly last year, after I read about Pittie Parties on Morgan’s blog and added her (Morgan) on FB, my mystery girl added me on FB. That’s when I first got to know her name. I always knew Jango 🙂 Sweet, cuddly Jango whom I’d hug at the dog park. Little Jango (now not so little) would jump into the kiddie pool while Kahlua watched from a safe distance.

Katelyn. Organizer extraordinaire, strong advocate of shelter animals. I’ve watched her for a long time slaving over the cause. Blood, Sweat, Tears and Dollars. It’s not often you come across such a selfless human being. I watched for a year, attended all her events and supported her from the sidelines. Now, I am lucky to officially be volunteering with her.

It is personal. Rescue is always personal. It’s hard to not make it personal. I was only aware of all the million things I saw her do for animals, until I read this: her account of how, through her plain generosity, she convinced a random guy to get his dog fixed and not let him run lose on the thoroughfares of Tallahassee. In my eyes, this is such a BIG win. This is true rescue. This is true love.

I am lucky to know her. I call her my friend and I call Jango my half-son. I don’t know if I’m crossing any line by doing that. And I don’t care 🙂 She is such a wonderful human being, as are all the volunteers at Cauzican Care, and you don’t come by those everyday! They all should know they are appreciated, and that they have a friend in me.



4 thoughts on “The girl with the black dog who looks like Kahlua

  1. Great post!! Just started following your blog. Mariah had a list of blogs she follows and that was how I stumbled on yours. It is a pleasure to volunteer with you and everyone involved with Cauzican. We have a great group!

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