You make me wanna throw up, lol jk.

Today’s Daily Prompt asks this:

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

I say, “Lol”. And no, not jk. This new addition to our daily oxford makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I hate it. I thought this hatered used to be inexplicable, but it’s not! And here is why – A lot of lol users use it to get away with writing something mean. Here is an example – Someone posts a picture and say they’re donning a little holiday weight. Lol user comes along and posts their comment – “Stopped hitting  the gym I see Lol”.. Hmm… lol is not a buzzword to make a passive aggressive remark, all happy again.

Of course this is not always the case. There are the more benign uses of lol. Many of my friends use it, and I love them anyway, because their lols are harmless. They are probably actually Laughing Out Loud at something that should be laughed out loud at! Plus the holiday weight situation will be dealt with in a straight up manner. Like it should be. Maybe with a glass of wine, lol! (Sometimes, I disgust myself)

And do not get me started on the extended cousins of lol – Lmao, rotflol, lol jk (absolute worst I can hear the milk curdling use of lol).

Just a smiley face will do. Press the shift and the ‘;’ (semicolon) key simultaneously. Then press the Shift and the 0 (zero) key simultaneously and voila! No more lol needed.



9 thoughts on “You make me wanna throw up, lol jk.

  1. This is actually an annoying and very transparent thing that people do when they want to say something insulting but don’t want to commit to the insult (coz really, they’re a little lilly-livered like that). “Haha I was just kidding (smiley face)” Yes, that does make me want to throw up.

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