It comes with a family too!

The blog! Yes it does! And I did not know that until Mariah nominated me for this award. Thank you Mariah! And all those who read and put up with my writing.


When I first started out, I used blogspot because years back when blogging was born, wordpress was still young and not as comprehensive and conducive to writing, following, finding people with similar interests as it is now. This is why I say it comes with a family!

There are people I’ve never seen, but I know quite well because of their writing. I know when they’re sick, or travelling, or upset, or happy etc., all because I read and enjoy their thoughts. And I miss them when they’re away!

So without further adieu. let me list them, and nominate them for this award too! The order does not mean anything, but the writers all mean something unique to me:

1. Unsaid Yet Understood – Each of her posts hits home with me more than the previous one. I am honored that she nominated me, and that we can work together to help the Wakulla County Animals! When she named her dog “Circus”, I did a happy dance because that is totally a name I could have chosen for my dog ๐Ÿ™‚

2. The life and times of an Indian Homemaker – I found IHM through another blog and I was hooked immediately. She writes about all the issues that plague a woman’s life in India. Whenever I read any of her posts, I feel an overwhelming ambivalence – I feel happy and lucky to be away from all that, from India. I also feel horrible guilt for feeling that way. Because I could have stayed back and helped. I can go back and help. But I don’t want to, because I am small and selfish. I admire her for writing the way she does.

3. Like reading on trains – I found this blog through the Daily Prompts on WordPress. I like how succinct each post is. I like how there is often a deviation from the ordinary when the writer answers the daily prompt.

4. Post Departum Depression – I found Momisheib through Freshly Pressed! I absolutely love how there is a little kick in her every post and I love her relationship with her students. I think every teacher should read her blog.

5. Life n Me – I found Ambika when she wrote a post in reply to one of the Daily Prompts. It was about coming home to your home, but in a different time. Lot of her descriptions could just as well be describing me if I were to go back to the home I grew up in, and it were empty. Since that day, I follow her diligently.

6. And FosterMakes Five – AFM5 doesn’t need much introduction specially to the Dog community ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this blog. Tonka and Gaige have a special place in my heart because – have you seen Kahlua ?

7. Tails of a Foster Mom – I love Oscar! I love his affair with the red pillow, his reactions to all the foster dogs, and his simple cuteness! I love reading about him. He just makes my day!

8. Grimm’s Furry Tail – This blog has the cutest name! And the tagline reads “moral lessons taught by a dog” which is so similar in theme to my own! And have you seen Grimm’s smile ?

9. Dream Big Bark Loudly – I admire this writer because of her emotional maturity. She is a fellow rescue advocate and very passionate about the cause but her posts show she is capable of researching situations, and looking at rescue ‘horrors’ like breeders and gas chambers from a practical perspective, without coming across as judgmental, and then reach a well informed conclusion of how she feels about the matter.

10. & Squatch Makes Three –I found this “Dad Blogger” through Freshly Pressed and his post on Pinterest cracked me up like no other. Also, his description “What’s a Squatch”ย is just plain brilliant. I look forward to his posts.

Thank you all for writing such amazing pieces ! They say a family is what we’re born into, but look! We can also create one on WordPress!


6 thoughts on “It comes with a family too!

  1. Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it along to me and the pooches! We are all like one big family–we celebrate each others successes, mourn together when we hear of losses and laugh and commiserate together when needed. So glad to be included in this great bunch of people and bloggers and to be a part of your Word Press family!

  2. Congratulations to you!! And thank you so much for your nomination, your link and your very kind words! Like you, I am loving this wonderful wordpress family!

  3. Congratulations Shalini … keep winning more such wonderful awards. And thank you so much for describing my blog so beautifully. Thank you for the nomination too ๐Ÿ™‚

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