Weekend Wretchedness: Acts of the weakest kind

This will be another angry post like the one on owner surrender. Except angrier.

I was recently accepted into a warm and dedicated family of volunteers who work to help the animals at Wakulla County Animal Control, whose animals are fostered out through Cauzican Care. Cauzican also pays to get them vetted. And this is how I came across Zeke. I haven’t met him yet, since he came in during the week.

He came in dragging himself using his front two legs only. Some lowlife had decided it was ok to shoot this dog, several times, in his hind legs. He will lose one leg. The other might be salvageable.


I think this is evil in its truest form. It is inexcusable to harm a dog. A creature that loving, that loyal and that unconditional in it’s behavior. Can you imagine what a rotten soul this person must have, to have shot him, multiple times ? Even though owner surrender angers me, I try to see the positive light in it – it’s (in some twisted way) a chance for the dog to have a better home. But downright cruelty? Yes, I will be judgmental about that I do wish wrong on the person that did this.

Anyway, I’m getting angrier as I write, so I’ll stop now, but not before I request you to please make a contribution to Zeke’s surgery, and wish him well. Please share my post with your friends too. If you do make a contribution, please comment below, so I can thank you.

Here is the link where you could make your much appreciated donation: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-save-zeke–2?c=home


10 thoughts on “Weekend Wretchedness: Acts of the weakest kind

  1. Speechless. Cannot even start to imagine how someone can behave like that. And that too a person that at some point was the dog’s owner???

  2. Horrifying. But we will all help that pup. Hope that scum never comes anywhere close to another animal again

  3. I can’t “like” a post about such a heinous thing, but thank you for sharing. I’ve tweeted this.

    The thing I’ve never understood is how people can deny the animal cruely/human cruelty link. They simply don’t take this seriously enough!

    Thank you for the work you do!

  4. I spoke with the AC officer Brinson that is helping take care of Zeke. Another AC Officer received a call about a dog by the side of the road bleeding and unable to walk. He immediately went and picked up Zeke. As it turns out, they think Zeke may have been shot for being around a chicken pen, though the gentleman denied shooting him. Zeke only weighs 18 lbs. Please donate for his care if you can. Officer Brinson has already spent $800 of her own money and that isn’t including the vet bill from today.

  5. I wanted to thank everyone who shared, supported and donated for Zeke. A fellow volunteer who went down to the shelter today just sent this message

    I was down at the Wakulla shelter and got to see Zeke. I just want to let everyone know how well he is doing. He is getting around on 3 legs and is putting some weight on the other back leg. His skin has also cleared up and looks great!! The difference that I see in him compared to just 2 weeks ago is nothing short of a miracle. I want to thank everyone that has called, asked, donated and prayed for this very special boy:)

    Thank you! You are wonderful!

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