Daily Prompt: Say Your Name: What’s in a Name anyway ?

I’m glad these days I hear some to-be parents actually discuss the implications, permutations and combinations of their to-be baby’s to-be name. Makes high school a wee bit simpler, maybe even a happy time (if that’s possible). But this has no relation to what I’m about to tell you.

I love that my parents chose a good name for me. Hey, I like my name – that’s okay! So I’m going to use today’s Daily Prompt to tell you it’s story.

My name is Shalini and it means dignity in India, my home country. My home country where it’s a standard and proper ritual to have a priest pick the first letter that your name must begin with and then have your parents choose the name. Or in many cases, there will be valuable input from the granparents on both sides, possibly the parents’ siblings, their better halves, god forbid they already have offspring, then their two cents is hallowed too, and possibly some neighbors, their extended family and their grandparents and their (grandparents’) cousins.  So it should be no surprise to you that my initial letter was chosen “M”.

There was a name, believe me there was, but it’s something a never speak of. I just have nightmares about it. And I wake up thanking the universe for the good sense my parents had to ignore the priest’s pick, and give me this lovely name that I like so much.

The Indian prognosis of such heinous acts is that usually all hell will break lose in the individual’s life. But Indian manuscripts also allude to Karma and doing your best and treating others well etc (like many other people and cultures believe in). And maybe that’s what’s kept my hell intact thus far.

Speaking of names, look at her! Her name is Butterscotch. How perfect is that ?


Butterscotch! That’s my name 🙂

And speaking of the names, these here don’t have any 🙂 But you can give them some! Them and their 4 other littermates.


We don’t have names just yet ! Come give us some!

Picture courtesy of the wonderful Mariah, author of Unsaid yet Understood.

To adopt any of them, please contact Cauzican Care at Cauzicanfl@gmail.com or 850-528-7535


Disclaimer: I don’t mean any disrespect to India, or our customs. I love India and I love my people and the warmth that they make one feel. India is special and India is home,  but I have certain bones to pick with our social beliefs and judgements and maybe when I am less scared about doing it publicly, I will write a post about it. Until then, forgive me and have a wonderful day 🙂


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