Horrors from my Ex-Blog

It had a strange name. It reflected my strangeness in those days. A strange strangeness that never went away, only changed.

It was about nothing. It was for the mere amusement of my own soul, and for the laughs of my classmates. It was mainly an account of what transpired in the classroom. Big or small, stupid or more stupid, serious, funny, heart breaking, nonsensical, disgusting, mature and and extremely childish occurrences that  took place in those small dingy classrooms, or utterly nonfunctional, riddled with Pentium II,  laboratories from my past – every instance was documented on my Ex-Blog.

No real names were mentioned. There were only descriptions of characters. You’d easily know them, and what they did. Each character was loved and hated at the same time by everyone. We spent 4 years together, day in and day out and when the day was over we ate together, ‘borrowed’ money from each other, and rode around on our bikes. So we hated each other, but we loved each other.

There was a lot of Caps Lock. Way too much. There was a lot of Yellow. Sickly yellow. There were a few pictures, mostly stolen from the better photographers of the pack. I’ve learned that Caps Lock is rude. It wasn’t rude back then. I was also, blithely unaware.

It still sits inside of Google. Hidden now. For I don’t want you to know how badly I wrote back then. Or how immature I was. Or how I let my emotions run wild. Because now, this is me. I like to think I’ve grown, barring the height part.

It was about them. The lifelong friends you make in college. If you’re reading this, you know who you are, and you know I miss you. But, I am happy that we didn’t drift. And I am happy, that we are still strange.



Nithin is going to kill me for posting this picture! Meh… it’s  not something that’s not happened before.


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