How to run a mile (or two) without your dog.

Hmm… now that I have your attention, let me clarify the title – it’s really a question I’m posing to you – how do I go running without Kahlua ?

Here’s why I would LOVE to go with him, but I’m having trouble: He hates it! Specially on the road. I take him to different places close by to run on trails but it’s realistically only about once or twice a week we can actually get out, drive and do a good long trail. The longer summer days sure help! But I would like to get more serious about running, and develop some goals and set milestones for myself. And I don’t mind running on sidewalks. I feel bad and a little jealous even, when I see a dog-owner pair running happily together on the sidewalk since I know that will probably never be Kahlua & Me. And that’s ok ! I don’t love him any less because he is an indoors only, air-condition & wifi needing diva dog. And if the diva dog is happy, that’s all that matters right ?

I’ve tried for over a year – it’s not behavioral. This dog just dislikes the city life! Let him loose on vast expanses of land and he is the BEST running buddy ever – stays close, comes when called and is always on an invisible leash (the ‘leash of love’ if I may be entirely cheesy 😉 ). The sad truth is, diva dog lives in the city and mom does not have the time or the luxury to take him to a vast expanse of running land everyday.

Does it make me selfish that I want to go run without him ? If I am running outdoors, and my dog is home doing his own thing that makes him happy, is that  ironic in a comical way wrong on some level?  I already feel guilty that I don’t spend enough time with him(even though I know I do) and that if I start running alone, that will eat into our time together too. So my wonderful, patient listener, please,  tell me how to run a mile (or two) without my diva dog!



3 thoughts on “How to run a mile (or two) without your dog.

  1. If you want to get him comfortable with running, see about treadmill training him to build up confidence, after a few months he should be ok to run alongside you with out the distractions and scariness of the cars!

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