Weekly writing Challenge: Using forms creatively

I’m using this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge on forms as a double edged sword. One of my goals with this blog is to showcase adoptable dogs in the area. We are in a lucky era where adoption can cross state lines. I am trying to use the world wide wildfire web and the power of a puppy’s melting gaze to increase adoption while showing off the brilliant tactics of my own two year old Lab to spread the word that dogs are much better people than people. But, how much is sharing really effective? How much do these posts actually work ?

I have put out a form on one of my showcase posts to try and capture the reader’s reaction to such posts. How likely are they to adopt? How likely are they to share ? How likely are they to “Like” the shelter’s Facebook page and keep tabs on the animals there ? And do they have any ideas to increase adoptions ? Any fun creative things I can do on my blog or on Facebook to really really get these animals noticed ? These are things I have been thinking about and wanting feedback, however candid, for a while now. So, I think this challenge came at a great time!

I will analyze the data I receive and alter my posts accordingly, or try and implement any of the ideas I hear about through the forms. Paws crossed !


2 thoughts on “Weekly writing Challenge: Using forms creatively

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