For the love of {black} Lab

Ok, so it’s not rocket science to infer that I have a soft spot for black labs. I think that soft spot came about when I went to adopt Kahlua, and he was laying in my lap while his litter mates pranced everywhere (one grey and one more black) and Laurie (the lady who manages the shelter where I got him) told me of how black dogs are the least likely to be adopted. I think the exact minute of this soft spot’s creation was when she said “They don’t know they’re black” and Kahlua simultaneously made this face :


So yes, there is a silly sort of judgemental-ness slash racism when it comes to adopting dogs even. It’s true, and it’s unfair.  Let me tell you something about black dogs –

They’re as cute, as cuddly, as obedient, as smart as whatever as you as the handler decide they can be. Just like all dogs. AND, they don’t stain as easy 🙂 Black is beautiful and black goes with anything. So all this racial pointlessness can please just take a hike.

I think my pack will consist of alteast one  black dog at all times. Just because, look how cute!


And have you seen a more winning smile than this?


And have you seen such complete and utter cuteness in one place ?


And most importantly, do you think this cuteness belongs  in a shelter ? I don’t. In a perfect world i’d have unlimited resources and adopt all the cuteness myself but we don’t live in a perfect world. We have to try and make it perfect. So why not start by contacting Friends of Wakulla County animal control (FOWCAC) for Jerry (first lab) or Tiffany and Tara (lab pups) and giving them the perfect homes they deserve ?

If you don’t mind, i’d really like to hear from you about what you think about such posts. You see, I’m trying to solve a puzzle about how I can actually help these animals be adopted, and need to know how much sharing actually helps.


One thought on “For the love of {black} Lab

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