The Ultimate Blog Party 2013

I read about UBP13 on a fellow rescue advocate’s blog and at first, I was confused. But hey the words blog and party are in the same sentence right? That can only mean good things! I’m a little too late into this and the party ends in two days but here is my stab at it! Cheers 🙂

Ultimate Blog Party 2013
My name is Shalini and I’m not fully grown up just yet and I don’t think I will ever be. Just like my rescue dog  Kahlua, who I suspect will always be a puppy. I write mostly about what he has taught me and about our journey together. I also try to encourage adoption of shelter dogs through my posts. I try and write about other ways to help animal rescue too.
By profession I’m a technology consultant. I’ve had a few good years worth of battling with computer programming and been on the verge of kicking my CPU ever so often.. and I love every minute of it! I used to write about those battles too. And I am not sure why I stopped! But this blog revolves around dogs – because I think that they are better people than people. I believe that they are wonderful, amazing, loving and forgiving creatures and often times human beings do not deserve such love in their lives for they way they treat these animals. 
With this blog, I hope to increase our comprehension of doggie dynamics and our perception of their behavior!
So grab your favorite wine or party snack, and read on! I would love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Blog Party 2013

  1. A dog just loves you no matter what. They don't care what kind of car you drive (as long as they get to go with you), where you live (as long as they can live there too), or what kind of job you have. No matter what kind of day you have you can always count on coming home to someone that acts like you've made their entire day just by walking in the door =)

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